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One transfer later, I've had a character concept stewing in my brain while I've been leveling, and wanted to get what I have out there to see what still needs revision, clarification, or what have you. I might have over 500 hours logged but some of the nitty gritty has probably escaped me since I've spent exactly none of that time actually roleplaying in-game. For some context: I wanted to keep the concept fairly down-to-earth to start out since I'm still getting my feet wet. I feel like the way I have her set up will leave her with several options to develop and grow. A few items are left vague due to me feeling it not important enough to warrant mention or I don't have any plans to make a big deal of it.


So, here it is in the form of the simple template on the wiki. I haven't made a page yet. I suppose it's a bit pedestrian at the end of the day, but I want to play it safe for my first outing. Side note, I have no idea what I did, but I seem to have completely screwed up the spoiler tags something fierce and can't figure out how to un-bungle it. Whoops.







| name = Z'riah Nohre

| image =

| imagewidth = 

| caption = 

| title = 

| gender = Female

| citizenship = Limsa Lominsa

| race = Miqo'te

| clan = Seeker of the Sun

| stat_1 = 

| stat_1_value = 

| stat_2 = 

| stat_2_value = 

| stat_3 = 

| stat_3_value = 

| stat_4 = 

| stat_4_value = 

| stat_5 = 

| stat_5_value = 

| stat_6 = 

| stat_6_value = 




==Basic Info==


-Mercenary-for-hire. Tell her the job, the offer, and she'll make a decision after hearing both. The more you pay, the more she's likely to take the job and look past any moral issues with it unless it involves conflict with the Maelstrom and/or the Yellowjackets.

-Wanders from settlement from settlement in La Noscea. Found either on the road or relaxing in a bar. Frequents the Drowning Wench. Very rarely seen anyplace else.

-Currently a Gladiator, but started out her formal combat training as a Marauder. Prefers the sword-and-board approach for personal safety reasons. 




-Born 20th Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon in Limsa. Has a twin brother.

-Grew up poor. Mother was struggling to make ends meet. Z'riah often snuck out at night to rummage around for extra gil that people may have dropped during the day and other potential valuables or extra food to help ease the burden. Brother would grow up with poor muscle development, but was quite book-smart and absorbed information very quickly. Z'riah had noticed this and took it upon herself to train and get as strong as she could for both his and her mother's sake. Her mother enlisted in the Maelstrom once she knew they were old enough to feed themselves day-to-day for the sake of attempting to get a better income.

-Mother would later die in the calamity, leaving Z'riah and her brother alone. The gil they were left with was enough to get her brother a formal education (he would pick up the Arcanist discipline somewhere along the way). Z'riah insisted they use the money to do that and she would start doing merc work to provide for the both of them, seeing that advenuturing had been a fairly profitable venture for many. Like her mother, she's barely making ends meet, and has started taking riskier and more morally questionable jobs if it'll pay more. While her brother has lodging, she drifts from inn to inn to save money.




-While not on a job, she's a very rough person to work with. Can be considered rude in many circles and speaks in an unrefined, direct way. Seems to be irritated all the time by the tone in her voice. Reacts in a hostile fashion to any sort of advances. As in, a bar brawl WILL start and there will be no avoiding it. Seems to dislike idle conversation that has nothing to do with offering her a job or a way to make her life easier.

-Never feels like she has enough gil. She's a tightwad with money and considers the size of the payment above all other factors of any job.

-On jobs, she's very focused on getting everything done as quickly as possible to get to the payment. Her employers are told very quickly that she doesn't give a rat's ass about what they need her for or why they're doing it. She might not like what they're doing sometimes, but if it gets her paid, she'll do it. She will note that she will never take a job that would involve coming into conflict with the Maelstrom and the Yellowjackets out of respect for her mother.

-Hates wasting time. If anything ends up being a complete and total waste of time, she'll be very quick to let her frustration known.

-Incredibly protective of her brother. If anything were to come to harm him, she would drop everything and descend on those responsible in an unquenchable rage.




-Her brother. Pays for his continued education.

-The Maelstrom. She could easily enlist, but chooses not to. She respects them for what they do, but simultaniously blames them for sending her mother to her death. She would need heavy convincing to enlist.

-Baderon. A regular of his and is one of very few people she willingly engages in idle chitchat with on a regular basis.


==Other Notes==


-Hates teleporting via Aetheryte. Feels sick every time she has to.





-If I had to peg an alignment on her, I'd go with just straight "Neutral".




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