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The Journal of Lieutenant Verja Blackstone

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The journal is old, frayed, and looks like it's had its cover replaced at least twice. Verja keeps the journal either on his person, or on his new bed in The Watchful Eye barracks. This old thing must pre-date the Calamity...what messages from the past could it hold, what things could you gleam from pre-Calamity life?

Not much, considering the handwriting is bloody goddamn indecipherable.



(Most, if not all spelling errors, grammatical errors, or anything of the sort are LIKELY intentional. Also, feel free to leave OOC comments on this post. No need to PM me.)



The First Entry

Date: Not dated



Ma told me to get a journal to get my feelings down on paper and to praktice my 'pen manship'. its not fair! Arlan didnt have to get a journal but I guess thats because he is the younger brother and hasnt gotten good with writing yet

I cant think of anything to write except that it is rude and unfair and that my writing is great no matter what anybody says! this is bleeding stupid


The Second Entry

Date: 4th Astral Moon, 3rd Sun, 1544



I can't believe that first entry. Was I really such a little shite? And I can barely read it! Not that my handwriting has gotten much better, I'll admit, but at least I wasn't a brat.

It's my birthday today. I didn't want a big celebration, but Ma insisted. It was a really good day, I'll give it that. I stayed up late with Arlan and we talked about what we wanted to do, and we both agreed we'd join the Lominsan Armada first chance we got.

One more year until we can join. Just one more.


The Third Entry

Date: 2nd Umbral Moon, 7th Sun, 1545



It's time, journal! We signed up today, and now we just have to wait and hear back from them. Ma and Pa are so proud, they're smiling nonstop, so happy that their 'young boys' will be signing up with the armada. I have to try my hardest to make them proud. I know Arlan will too. I hope we get placed in the same squadron! I've been reading as much as I could about the armada, and I even asked some sailors who were off-duty at the tavern about it. Most of them seemed really happy and supportive, but one of them didn't like the idea of us joining and said we'd be better off farming. We've farmed our whole lives! Praise Nophica, yes, but I'm sure Nophica would understand that me and Arlan's talent isn't farming, but fighting! I hit like a mountain, Arlan is as un-moveable as the earth we walk on! Surely Nophica would support me and Arlan using our talents.


The Fourth Entry

Date: 2nd Umbral Moon, 14th Sun, 1545


Arlan didn't get in


The Fifth Entry

Date: 3rd Umbral Moon, 12th Sun, 1545



Sailing is hard work. Being on the ship is hard work. Everything is hard work. I'm so tired. My arms hurt.

I love this. There's nothing quite like it, journal. They've started teaching me how to use an axe, and it's nothing like chopping wood that's for sure.

Some of the sailors have me read stuff for them, when we dock sometimes and they get letters. Captain doesn't, though, since she can read already.

I hope we dock in Lominsa again soon, so I can see Arlan.


The Sixth Entry

Date: 6th Astral Moon, 17th Sun, 1547



Sorry I haven't written in you much, journal. I still keep you close by, but not too close! I don't want you getting wet. I spent some gil to get you a new binding, though, so you're good as new. I don't even know where to begin on what's happened.

Arlan runs the farm now, since Ma and Pa passed away. It was tough, but he runs it well I've heard. Took to it real easy, like Nophica herself was guiding his hands. He's been too busy to send me many letters, but I know he's doing just fine. I miss him a lot, though. Sometimes I think he's mad at me for not getting into the Armada, but that's stupid and I'm just being paranoid. Me and Arlan could never be mad at eachother.

I hope he's okay.


What follows are several pages of recipes and miscellaneous drawings; some of other crewmembers who Verja convinced to sit still long enough, a self-portrait of Verja, and a page torn out. Half of a man's face is visible, but it's impossible to tell who it is.



The Seventh Entry

Date: 4th Astral Moon, 3rd Sun, 1558



I can't believe I still have you, journal. I thought I'd lost you more times than I can count, before finding you again. Maybe Nophica's watching over me. I haven't written an actual entry in a while, but you make a good sketchbook and cookbook, that's for sure.

There's not much to update you on. We haven't seen any Garlean ships in a while, which is most definitely a good thing, but I heard while I was in Lominsa that they made a move somewhere and got their asses handed to them. Serves the bastards right. Hope they rot.

Happy birthday to me.


The Eighth Entry

Date: 6th Umbral Moon, 1st Sun, 1562



There's been a LOT of 'adventurers' lately coming to Lominsa. I can see the appeal of it. Adventuring, that is. Maybe I'll be an adventurer, one day, when I retire. That won't be for a while yet, I hope. Thirty six summers old, in good health. I've still got plenty of sailing in me. Nophica will see to that. I'm as hardy as the damn earth or my name isn't Verja Blackstone.



The Ninth Entry

Date: Not dated



Arlan is missing I got shoreleave and I went to the farm and he's missing and Im gonna check the house

The entry seems hastily written, and it seems there's a bit of a time skip before Verja comes back to it, to add;

The Sahagin

'Sahagin' is underlined, quite forcefully. So much so that the page is slightly torn. Below it is a series of black scribbles, made out of anger.



The Tenth Entry

Date: 4th Astral Moon, 3rd Sun, 1572



I'm always reminded about you on my birthday, journal. Must be Nophica. She keeps me coming back to you, I bet. Same reason I keep pining for land. Much as I love the sea, there's nothing quite like having your two feet planted firmly on solid ground.

I'm joining up with the Maelstrom now. Same thing as the Armada really, just a different name. Seems this Admiral lady knows what she's doing, at the very least. Reminds me of my first captain. Same fiery demeanor, steely eyes...I haven't spoken to her personally of course but I saw the speech. It was pretty good.

It's been almost four years since Arlan left. Joined up with that jolly band of shitheads.

I'll kill him if I see him

Okay I probably won't but I won't know what to do if I do see him

Can't have that loose end can't have that weakness

Give me strength, Nophica


The Eleventh Entry

Date: 4th Umbral Moon, 16th Sun, 06

Seventh Umbral Era



I thought I'd lost you in the Calamity, journal. It's good to write in you again, however. A lot of good has happened.

I'm a Lieutenant in the Maelstrom, now, but so much has happened that I'm mostly on duty on land. My superior told me to join up with a Free Company 'if I wanted to', and I damn well did. Nice band of people called The Watchful Eye. Seem to be adventurers. Do leves and the like. My kind of people, that's for sure. Most of my friends in the Maelstrom or back when I was in the Armada have either passed on or...well, 'passed on', if you get my drift. So it's nice. Nice to make new friends. Feel like I'll have better luck keeping them this time.


Till sea swallows all.

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The Twelfth Entry

Date: 4th Umbral Moon, 23rd Sun, 06


This entry lacks words, and is merely a relatively detailed sketch of five people sitting at a bar; three Miqo'tes, an Au Ra, and a Hyur. Most of them can be seen from the back, though notably the Hyur is facing the viewer, and has a rather dastardly mustache. Quite villainous.



Underneath is the title; 'Friends at the bar'.



The next page contains another drawing; it appears Verja was seated at a table, drawing the person next to him. It's of a hyur woman; as it isn't from the back, he has time to focus on the features. A pleasant smile, framed by long black bangs, dominate the piece. Clearly the areas Verja focused on.



Underneath is the title; 'Zabine'.



The next page is yet another drawing, though from a slightly different angle. The other side of the table, perhaps? Nevertheless, it's of an Au Ra, this one with a winning smile, dark skin, and black horns. She also appears to have a baby mandragora in her lap. With a muffler on its mouth, thankfully.



Underneath is the title; 'Songbird'.

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The Thirteenth Entry

Date: 5th Astral Moon, 6th Sun, 06



A little bit worried, journal. Though I suppose I shouldn't be given I'm in such good company. I've begun to notice when I'm fighting, and this has been happening for at least the past ten turns, mind you, only now it's more prevalent...


I'm getting angrier. I'm not sure what it is. But I need to cool off more between fights, lest I lose it entirely.


Maybe I'm just a cranky old man. That's probably it.


I certainly hope that's it. Maybe I can use this if it ever gets too bad. Just point me at the fishbacks and say 'go'.

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The Fourteenth Entry

Date: 5th Astral Moon, 8th Sun, 06



Once again, another drawing, this time of a Highlander woman. Verja seems to have put significantly more effort and detail into this drawing, trying to capture the woman's essence on paper, and it shows with the subtle fire in her eyes that he worked so desperately to put down on paper, it seems. She has the slightest grin.



Underneath is the title; 'Saverah'.

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The Fifteenth Entry

Date: 5th Astral Moon, 20th Sun, 06



Another drawing, this time of a particularly imperious looking Roegadyn. Haughty looking, but proud. Strong, yet soft. Verja appears to have done this drawing speedily, but still trying to adhere to detail. There's a note at the bottom next to the name; "Maybe do commissions? Easy source of income for thing I enjoy".



Underneath is the title; 'Silver Sun'.

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