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Two weary travelers seeking refuge


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(Warning! Wall of text may happen.)


Hello everyone :) 


Over the past few years me and my partner in life and online gaming have wandered the lands of Azeroth (World of Warcraft), Norrath (Everquest 2), Tyria (Guild Wars 1/2) and more briefly a bunch of other worlds of which we’ve already forgotten the name (such as Aion, and Warhammer Online).  Sadly we only stayed in Hydaelyn for a shortwhile during our travels, but now we intend on returning and immersing ourselves in her lands once again. We’re becoming increasingly weary of our travels and we’re looking to settle in a new world that will keep us enchanted for years to come! We’ve come here hoping to find the people that will settle with us.


Speaking in less cryptic terms, me and my boyfriend (Hinagiku) have played numerous MMORPGs in the past :3 We’ve pretty much roleplayed in most of them, though across the board, we’ve spent most of our time in World of Warcraft and Everquest 2 ^^ I realize many people have turned into game-hoppers that don’t stay in one play for very long, but I honestly hope we’ll be able to find what (and who) we seek here. Judging by what I’ve seen from A Realm Reborn so far, I’m pretty optimistic :3

Since my partner/boyfriend will be making his post right after mine, I’ll speak for myself now ^^


My name is David, though you can call me Noaleth or Noa, which will likely also be the name of my character in FFXIV: ARR.  I’ve gota major fetish for many things Elven, so as you may probably figure, I’ll likely be playing an Elezen :P My character concept is still vague at the moment, as I’ll be entirely new to FFXIV: ARR. What I can say already though, is that my character will be quite the dedicated craftsman :) Both in and out of character.


By now, I’m in my twenties, and I currently live in The Netherlands (Europe). I’m looking to make a career in nursing and I’ve got a broad set of interests, such as:  drawing, writing, philosophy,religion and spirituality (particularly Buddhism), lucid dreaming, Asian cultures (particularly Japan), and of course, games and roleplay :D

Roleplay tome is a way to deepen my experience in a game and really immerse myself in a world; I love to write and create, and this is one way to express that. I can’t really classify myself as a particular kind of roleplayer, though if I’d had to say anything it’d be medium :3 I stay in character quite often, but I can appreciate OOC banter and highly value OOC friendship and community building.


Linkshell idea

Me and myboyfriend will likely be seeking to create our own guild/shell/company :3 Unless of course, somebody comes along with the same ideas. While we still have to flesh things out, we’re looking to create a guild for slightly less adventurous, but no less interesting characters! It would be a community of primarily artisans, crafters, commoners/citizens, farmers, merchants and scholars or priests/healers; or perhaps a township or city-community based guild.


The primary idea behind the guild would be community (re)building and reinforcement, driven by the ideal of keeping or reinvigorating the (local) community and economy, making it strong and vibrant, for the sake of the people. After recent devastation and the ongoing war, that would definitely be crucial :3 Activities and events would be along the lines of: running a store/business, inn or tavern, trading expeditions, exploration and harvesting expeditions as well as charity events and casual devotional practices to the twelve.


Like I mentioned, we still have to flesh out these ideas, but hopefully we’ll find at least a few people who might be interested in this :3 I realize this might be particularly difficult since we’ll be based in the EU, where less people play, but we’re optimistic regardlessly :D


Anywhoo,I’ll keep it at that for now, lest I bore you all with my ramblings xD See you all on the forums! Also, I’m always interested in meeting new people so if anybody sees a reason to exchange PMs or add me on Skype, be my guest :3  (Skype name: songofelves)


~ Noa

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Hi there!


The sky is gray and rain is gently pouring down, but in my heart there is an endless stream of warm light that will make you feel all happy and give you lots of fussy joyjoy feelings.


Side effects may include the urge to cuddle everything you see, spontaneous outbursts of glee and the desire to chase after rainbows while cuddling a teddy bear and giggling with said outburst of glee.


On another note, nobody ever reached the rainbow. It vanished before anyone could even come close because the urge to cuddle everything in the way caused the afflicted people to only get as far as the corner of their street.


Now as for my introduction!


Hi my name is Nodoka, I’m not sure what my character name will be yet, because I’m not sure what character it will be exactly! Probably a Miqo’te but I have to wait and see how character creation works and such.


I’m avery cheerful, sometimes shy, affectionate, loving, cuddly, happy happy joy joy boy who loves to draw, write, wander around in an awesome beautiful forest, climb trees or just sit somewhere to admire everything around me! .. I can sometimes be very bouncy and hyper, though that’s usually when I’m nervous or such .. I love to talk, can be very chatty even, but often I enjoy the peace and quiet more =)


Other than that, I’m a big fan of all kinds of music, all kinds of styles and genres, it usually doesn’t really matter to me, as long as it feels good ^_^ .. Most of the music that I listen to tends to be Japanese. From Visual Kei to various alternative rock/pop kinds. I also listen to a lot of different kind of music, not from Japan, but if you want to know more about that just ask me because else this will become very very very long … xD


Apart from my favorite music being from Japan, I really love Japanese culture in general, especially traditional, but not EVERYTHING because .. well .. plenty of not-so-nice cultural things of course, still it’s better than the west in my honest opinion. I especially like the elegance, the tranquility at times, politeness and other things.


Though I think all human cultures are flawed, but Asian cultures tend to suit me a lot more than anything else ^_^ ..


I don’t watch anime, by the way, or read manga, before someone asks.


Thereason why is the next part of my introduction!


Peace,harmony, love, caring, happiness, all these things matter greatly to me. I strive to dedicate my life to this as well. Like my boyfriend, I am also interested in Buddhism, especially Japanese Zen and Thich Nhat Hanh. Though I tend to do everything in my own way, or at least most of it.


I try my best to avoid violent things. Some people might say that expressing anger in videogames, movies, music, etc, is a healthy way to express anger, but I disagree with that. I believe the only healthy way to express anger is to soothe it, then transform it into compassion and love. Compassion is extremely important to me and I am working on creating it as the foundation of my life.


Like I said, I can be very chatty. And I will try my best to avoid making this post extremely long. Which is somewhat of a talent of mine, I can create ridiculously (thank you Auto Correction!) long posts, emails, etc.. Which can be fun for me, but probably boring for others! ^^’’


My boyfriend already wrote about the games we’ve played so I’ll skip that part. I’ll only add that at this moment I’m playing World of Warcraft out of boredom, while also trying to like Guild Wars 2, but both of them are incredibly boring and I really can’t wait for a better game to save us from this drag!


What I enjoy most in games is Roleplay, exploring and crafting/gathering, that sort of things. I even have characters in WoW and Guild Wars 2 dedicated to leveling up without EVER going into combat, they just pick flowers and stuff <3 .. and in doing so they become extremely powerful and strong for some reason but that is just because picking flowers makes you uber, duh ..


Anyhow,I’ll leave it at this, I could go on and on about all kinds of things but instead (to save all of you from my boring ramblings that I love to do about bunnies and daisies and rainbows) I’ll give you the option to ask me anything you want! ^_^


Caution:answers may not result in satisfaction.


Peace,love and many many many many many many many cuddles!




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Thank you, Weffrey! We hope the same =D .. Here's a ... running cucumber? or is it a cactus O_o special for you! :cactuar:


And thank you for welcoming us Yssen! For you we have..... I'm not sure what this is.... :tonberry: but he's holding a lantarn or such! maybe he can guide us the way to the most awesome place ever and MAYBE THAT IS HERE!!!


... and YaY Gerik! Looking forward to meet you too! ... here's a uuhm .. chocobo right?! THATS ONE I KNOW! .. :chocobo: ..


And so ends my elaborate and highly unnecessary reply :bouncy:

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Thank you all for the words of welcome :moogle: We appreciate it. :D I also look forward to meeting you all in game, or chat to you sometimes. Does the coalition have some sort of chat or skype-channel in which you all hang out? :3

We do!


I'd suggest getting in contact with Deirdre for an invite! :D

Hope to see you guys in there soon.

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Most of the music that I listen to tends to be Japanese. From Visual Kei to various alternative rock/pop kinds.


I had to pause for a moment at this! xD My main character in FFXIV 1.0 is named Keisuna (or Kei for short). I'll have to look into this style of music.


Welcome to the both of you! I hope you guys find what you're looking for in ARR. :)

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Here's some stuff! One of my favorite bands first, ''D'' :





And some random stuff! Visual Kei has some ''sub genres'', or styles, or whatever, not so good with terms! So some of it is a bit more dark, some more 'traditional' (Kote Kei) some very happy (Oshare Kei) and there are probably songs and artists that don't really fit in any sub group or something ^^''





(love this one ^_^)


and there's plenty others, some better, some maybe not, depends on what you like personally =P .. I tend to like pretty much everything, in other music as well >_> so I had no idea what to pick to share here! So I just picked the songs im listening to a lot lately :blush:


hope that helps and thank you for the welcome =D

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You know what, add me on skype: lolgerik and I'll add you both soon.


Sure thing! Our handles are songofelves (Noa) and hopeful.flower (Nodo). :D We'll add you soon, thanks! Again, anybody else in this community is always free to poke us on skype as well.


/Welcome! Noaleth, Nodoka! You both will prove to be a very cheery addition to the community, I think=^.^=


Thanks, Taltale! We'll do our best to be a positive addition to the community :3

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