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Looking for villains, job partners, and a new FC

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Hey all,


It's been a few months but I have finally been able to rejoin ffxiv. However, during my break my main character (Elza Fairhan) was abruptly absent in the RP world. I decided coming back however, that I wanted to play a character I wasn't so bored of, so I came up with a story to change her identity and fill in the random disappearance at the same time.


But I need some new contacts to help me flesh out her new storyline, and if you think we can both help each other out for some great RP please let me know who your character is and let's meet up! :)


To try and sum it up, she was kidnapped by a group of merchants who deal out mercenaries for money so she was basically a slave for their dirty work in exchange for keeping her other friend they kidnapped alive. Who this group is and how they are or connected to still needs to be filled out.


However, eventually planning out an escape after some time planning, she was able to get away with her friend and some money to boot. But being free of them now needs some work again and she can't go back to what she used to do due to 1. Her identity change to keep herself and friends safe and 2. The fact that she doesn't believe she can practice Conjury anymore due to the things she has now done.


And now she also wants to start planning to seek revenge on them one day and keep others safe from going through what he did as well.



If you think you can fit in anywhere here, let me know and let's talk! :D

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