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Another shot (Raen Backstory)

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Ok so after doing a bit of research and writing I think I have something. It's rough and general but I want to know if it's a good base to build on.


Luna Starshield (Born Tsuki (No surname yet))

Doma (Ages 0-9)

2nd born to Arashi and Sakura in Doma.

Has an older brother named Taiyo. (9 years her senior.)

Around the age of 6, she begins talking to her invisible "friends."

Begins receiving combat training and basic education.

Begins lifting books off the traveling merchants pertaining to magic and arcana.

At age 8 displays healing capabilities by healing her brother when he is hurt in training.

Scolded by her father. Told to never do that again, though her mother secretly brings her new books occasionally.

Around ages 9-10 Doma is razed by the Garlean Empire.

Taiyo is killed in the escape, attempting to protect the family.

Tsuki saves her father by deflecting a blade with a minor barrier spell.


The Woods (Ages 10-16)

Family lands in Vesper Bay and gradually makes their way to Gridania.

Father eventually becomes a drunk and her mother enlists in the Twin Adders. Tsuki begins spending time in the forests and around the conjurers guild, running errands for the guilds for a little extra money.

After five years, her father begins getting abusive. Her mother begins getting more assignments and is gone more often. Tsuki, now an adept conjurer, begins spending more and more time in the woods trying to avoid her father's ire, sometimes not coming home for days.

Takes up basic lance training with an old wood wailer, Domon.

Her mother is involved in an incident in Hakkue Manor and falls ill.

Tsuki spends the next 6 months attempting to heal her mother and bring her back to health, while her father continues to verbally abuse her.

On her 16th birthday, her mother passes away and Tsuki is heartbroken. The funeral is the following month.

After the funeral her father asks her why he was left with the failure of the family. He then proceeds to degrade her, saying she couldn't even save her mother, and the good one died on the docks.

Disowns her before saying that Sakura thought he didn't know, but he does. Tsuki isn't his, but the product of an affair with a noble. Tells her to leave and never come back.

Tsuki lashes out and lets go of all her pent up anger. As she screams small flames begin to light in the surrounding area, building to a moderate fire.

The flames are put out quickly by the townsfolk and Tsuki decides to leave, but not before receiving some supplies from a few of the townspeople and a new lance from Domon.

Tsuki visits her mother's grave before dropping her birth name and naming herself Luna Starshield.


Spreading her wings (16-Present)

Luna begins wandering Eorzea and helping those along her path.

Caught a glimpse of a dragoon in Camp Dragonhead.

Assisted in slaying a dragon during her stay in Ishgard and received additional lance training.

Read some of the arcana of the arcanist's guild in Limsa.

Accompanied an expeditionary venture with the Sons of Saint Coinach as a healer.

Returns to Gridania to visit her mother's grave each year, leaving flowers and offering prayers, talking about her adventures and how she has been fairing, cleaning up empty bottles that are sometimes strewn about.

On her 3rd visit she learns her father has passed on, and she attends the funeral.

She overhears her father had been having a hard time after she left. He was often in fights and was sometimes heard calling for his little girl.

She also overhears that his daughter hasn't been seen in years, some think she's dead.

She encounters Domon and she tells him of her time spent in the world.

She soon enlists in the Twin Adders and begins adventuring anew.



Feel free to leave any comments! I tried to make this line a bit more coherent than the last. Thanks for reading and I hope this base is good to build on!

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First thing to jump out at me is that your timeline is a bit out of step with what we know. The razing of Doma happened within the last few months of in-game story time, not as long ago as your timeline says. Also, for your character to have been growing up in the Twelveswood for as long as she had, she would have seen the Calamity that happened between 5 and 6 years ago.

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