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Aegir's RP characters please look forward to it


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I made a thread for my RP characters! I'd like to RP with more people, so if you're interested: send me a /tell! Long-term, short-term, I can also help your plot as a side character or villain.



Contact Info: Aegir Hlerson, Balmung Server









Description: This man is NOT a Garlean spy! He is a blacksmith and/or an engineer for the Ironworks!






Description: An Ishgardian Inquisitor from a well-off family. He cheerfully serves the Holy See by specializing in tracking down heretics in foreign lands. Be they dragon worshippers, tempered, or just someone the people in charge don't like, he will hunt them down as courteously as possible.






Description: An assassin and sell-sword from a foreign land, this guy betrays his profession under the guise of a healer. He is soft spoken and caring, or at least he seems to be. He's really quite brutal.






Description: A Lominsan pirate that has spent too much time out to sea. You can find some pretty strange things out at sea. He makes his living as a courier, and is very good at getting a hold of anything people need. Anything. He also has knowledge of just about every grunt job on a pirate ship.






Description: One of the many mages of Mhach who sacrificed themselves trying to seal the Void Ark. Recently, he was spit out into the current era and is now trying to figure out how to get by in this new world. Will hunt voidsent or mentor young thms for food.






Description: He's a Vath. He's Hungry.






Description: This guy is also hungry. BUT FOR BLOOD!!!






Description: A Beast to Slay A Beast

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