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[Balmung] Celes Inara

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Basic Information

Character: Celes Inara

Linkshell: None

Free Company: Celestial Starlights

Brief Biography: Celes is a doman refugee who arrived via ship to Thanalan along side the refugees that came with Lady Yugiri, however not far behind was a ship carrying a young twelve year old Raen she rescued from a burning building in Doma before fleeing her once called home. Upon arriving to mainland erozea, Celes spent her time working for ways to pay for supplies to bring to the other refugees.



RP Style

Amount of RP: 

Medium, I spend a good chunk of time RPing in various games but also prefer a bit of PvE mixed in. it helps balance out the two and prevent burnouts or writers block. IC when asked! I'm never one to shy away from RP if it presents itself.


Views on Combat RP and Injuries:

Due to a few bad experiences with this, i am very hesitant but not against combat RP or injuries honestly. Though OOC communication would be key to making me comfortable in such situations, Godmodding is not acceptable in any scenario why make an exception here?


Views on IC Romance:

I love IC romance! Who doesn't? okay maybe a few don't, but so long as it goes with the story and the characters aren't rushing it. It's absolutely okay with me, just don't walk up and randomly kiss her! It would make things rather awkward, we wouldn't want that would we?


Views on Non-Romance RP:

All RP to me is some thing i try not to turn away from, It's just so interesting to meet various characters and see how mine might respond to them! Non-romance is absolutely fine with me, Just make sure to check if i'm IC or not!


Views on Lore:

As with any characters of mine in any game, i prefer to stick as close to lore as possible while not relying on it for every minor detail. Always use moderation, Allowing your characters to live and breath in their own unique way is important. just make sure it fits in the games lore!



Other Details

Country: United States.

Timezone: UTC-05:00

Contact Information: If you cant catch me online, go ahead and shoot me a message here on the RPC. I'll answer it asap!

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