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Halone Corps


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[align=center]In the middle of the Sixth Astral Era, sometime shortly after the first Primal was summoned in Eorzea, children around Eorzea began to be born with the symbol of a god on their body somewhere, like a birthmark or tattoo, or in some cases looking like it was branded or etched there. In the current day, Uhlah Wollhundsyn, being one of these people, as well as a few others, have realised that these people are bonded by fate to serve the gods and protect the world as they know it from the evils that pop up, and so they form a secret order, pulling in these 'Godtouched' people, under the guise of military students. And yes, while they do teach some, their main goal is much grander; to preserve Eorzea and the people's fate at the will of the gods.[/align]




[align=center]What is Halone Corps?[/align]



[align=center]Halone Corps [HC-RP] and the lore is set in the original world and lore of FFXIV, with it's own unique plot to follow. It is, on the outside, a college-based training program for young men and women to train as officers for the corperation, under the patron god Halone. However, the plot is deeper than that, as some of the students and officers are marked with a symbol of one of the twelve gods. Multiple people can have the same mark, and some may not even have a mark at all, just been there to train and/or aid the deeper 'Godtouched'.[/align]



[align=center]The 'Godtouched' have been able to hear from their god or goddess, either directly or indirectly, through visions, dreams, signs and symbolisms, and rarely even through telepathy from the god themselves. For example, Uhlah has heard directly from Halone through Telepathy, and has had vivid dreams.[/align]



[align=center]With this gift, Halone Corps embarks on adventures and tasks both great and small, even joining in with the main story plot ICly.[/align]



[align=center]Why Join Halone Corps?[/align]



[align=center]Whilst we are a very new FC, Halone Corps is created by skilled roleplayers, and offers the following:[/align]




  • A unique and enticing original plot and backstory, which also sits alongside FFXIV's current main storyline.
  • A relaxed and friendly atmosphere making sure that all members feel comfortable no matter who they are and what walk of life they come from, whether you're new or a veteran to FFXIV.
  • Zero-tolerance for drama, bullying or rude behaviour toward our members.
  • Discord chat room for OOC chat; we may add an IC channel later
  • IC/OOC Raids & Instances for everyone to enjoy.
  • Welcoming environment for new and old players alike!
  • Regular small IC and OOC events on a weekly to bi-weekly basis, including taking the time to help others with their game, Aquapolis Map hunting, Nacho Night at the Drowning Wench - you name it!
  • A diverse cast; Halone Corps wishes to ensure that there is a diversity in race and gender, with interesting backstories.


How to join?



For now, we do not have an enjin for you to apply on. However, you can shoot me a /tell on Uhlah Wollhundsyn and we can have an IC and OOC interview!



Recruitment Status


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