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LF Free Companies! (Balmung)

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Hey everyone! So I have really enjoyed my free company, had a lot of fun events and roleplay, but unfortunately our leader has been wrapped up in real life problems, and many of my fellow company members have either gone to play WoW or have disappeared off the face of the earth. I'd really like an active FC to RP with, so I'm currently looking for some FCs for my two characters. 


My lalafell is a medic/conjurer. She'd fit in well with anyone who needs a healer in their group. She's also been in the conjurer's guild for a long time now and could be a teacher of sorts, and anything magic related is more than welcome too! 


And my miqo'te is a songstress, I think I'd prefer her to be in some entertaining troupe or bard group. Before she was a songstress, she was a dancer who worked at the Golden Saucer for about two years, but had many other jobs as a dancer in different taverns... which would be a total of five years being a dancer of some sort. 


I know that there are free companies listed and I will take a better look at them, but I wanted to check and see if there weren't any free companies not listed that might be a good fit for either one. Anyways, if you know of any FCs like that, let me know!

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