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The Jackal Lantern [EU Friendly]

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Join us at Mist, Ward 12, Plot 35 on Saturday, 29 October, at 8 pm BST/3 pm EST for an evening of All Saints' Wake revelry!


Features for the evening include:


  • Costume contest, complete with a suitably eerie prize from the Mog Station for first place. Hilarious or horrific, creative or creepy, show us what you got!
  • Singing, dancing and spooky story telling, with another eerie prize from the Mog Station for the most entertaining act.
  • A sinister tour throughout the Mist; though it may look idyllic by day, travellers beware the terrors of night!
  • Supernatural-themed food and beverages, cooked and brewed by our fine chefs and bartenders.

If you have any queries, contact me here or on J’inarah Marad in game!

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All Saints' Wake menu:




Aetherochemical Compound 45: grape and cherry juice mixed with cider.


Tonberries' Blood: cream liqour with red syrup.


Machinist's Spook: salty liquorice vodka with liquorice syrup.


Liquid Ghost: milk and cream mixed with vodka and iny marshmallows (also available without vodka.)


Pumpkin Shake: pumpkin puree, milk, vanilla and cream (cream liquor for alcoholic version.)


Morbol's Breath: cactuar juice mixed with vegetable juice, fish roe and rum (also available without rum.)




Finger of Death: Finger bones made from white chocolate.

Choculat: Chocolate bats.

Gentlemanly Zombie's brain treats: Brain made from creamy pudding, size of lalafell's brain...

Headless Chef's cookie: Pumpkin cookies shaped like pumpkins.

Starry Sky: Cookies with liquorice icing and yellow stars.

Imp's meat pie: Don't ask where the meat came from.

Vampire's vegetarian blood pie: very juicy rolanberry pie for those harmless vampires out there..

Chef's head pie: pumpkin pie made from the chef's old head.

Flesh of the Jack'o'lantern: Pumpkin soup for the weary travelers.

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Huge thanks to everyone who came to the Jackal Lantern last night!


We hope you enjoyed the haunted mansion tour, entertainment, food and drinks. Congratulations to our costume contest winners: X'keyqi Tyaka won first place, Lorelei Larkin was second and we had a joint third with Chee Smith and Azrian Thorne!


Happy All Saints’ Wake to you all!


Kilid took over 600(?!) screenshots so if you want to see them all, click here!











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