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Morning Musings [Closed]


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Kieran laid in bed, not wanting to get up as it felt like he just closed his eyes moments ago and now it was almost morning.  It wasn’t unusual for him to wake so early; it was now starting to become his regular routine no matter how much he disliked it.  It was moments like this where he yearned for his younger days in which he could easily sleep well into the mornings which sometimes turned into the afternoon.


Slowly getting to his feet he laughed at himself, sounding as if he was an old timer thinking back to past youthful days.  Several months past twenty-three and he was already referring to himself in thought as if he was a battle worn veteran.  Throwing both arms in the air, leaning this way and that as he stretched himself before getting dressed.  His clothing, simple black, was neatly folded on a chair near the bed.  He wasn’t exactly the tidy type but he always folded it in the exact same order every night before bed that it became a ritual. If something was off or out of place he couldn’t close his eyes for the night until it was fixed.


Glancing about the room one last time to make sure everything was in place before leaving for the day, he walked over to the desk where he had placed his mask.  Spinning it on the wooden table as he looked down at it, everything that it signified yet was a simple black mask.  Without intending to, he couldn’t help but think briefly upon his family, his time spent training, time spent adventuring and time spent just doing nothing.  That time seemed so long ago, a different lifetime, a different him.


He didn’t want to think about such things now,he had other thoughts that were more pressing to concern himself over.  Quickly picking up the mask and adjusting it to his face he turned towards the door. Fixing his sword upon his back before leaving the room, locking the door, making sure to place the key in a secure pocket.  This was his life now, his focus needed to be on securing contracts.

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