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Hello RPC :)


I am around here for a little while now and just registered here to get a little more connected to the Community. I am a little passive in forums most of the time and usually just read but I will try to change that.


I am roleplaying now for over 16 years. Started very early with PnP and played tons of different systems The Dark Eye, DnD, Cthulhu, Everway, Shadowrun, Earthdawn, Star Wars, Aeon Trinity, Vampire, and a few others. I also picked up LARP and enjoy it a lot.


With that background it obviously didn't take too long before I picked up my first MMO. I started with DaoC which was also my first try at english rp and played from the very beginning until atlantis came out. From there I tried WoW, SWG, DDO, LotRO, RIFT, SWTOR, TSW, FF14.


I got the chance to experience the old FF14 and was able to experience the brilliant storytelling that lead to the end of the 6th astral era. We all know the game had a lot of weaknesses but lore and the overall storyline was great! Which is exactly why I am looking forward to continue playing and RPing.


From my impressions it is really hard to stumble into casual public RP on the servers which is why I came here in the first place. I hope I can make a lot of contacts and friends here and whish for us all to have a lot of fun and great RP in the future.


One more thing I should mention. I am from Germany so english isn't my first language. I hope you guys can overlook it if I type a little slower,might make a little more mistakes and probably won't speak a perfect english. But that can just improve the more I get to play.

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Welcome! It sounds like you have a lot of game experience under your belt which in my book is always good! A lot of people probably wish they could pull off an 'english accent' in text like you do, honestly, so hey roll with it! People appreciate unique-ness in all forms. :) Also.. VTM n-n

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