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Draffthouse Barons

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[align=center]The Idea



We can’t all be Don Corleone.



[align=left]For every big shot crime boss there are hundreds of small time crooks. Petty thieves, leg breakers, con men and street soldiers. Sometimes there are dozens of sub-organizations run by lesser bosses in a feudal type system. While some of these low rank thugs may have delusions of grandeur and aim to one day run an empire of their own the fact of the matter is most of them will end up in jail or dead.




Why do they do it, then? 



Because of the idea that if they scrape and claw a little harder big-boss senpai will notice them and give them the recognition they deserve. They’ll move up the ranks from less than nothing to become made men and women. A golden ticket to the high life.



What does this have to do with me?



Draffthouse Barons is recruiting! This is one of those small-time gangs. A close-knit group of rapscallions who are trying to make their way from ignominious obscurity to underground celebrity. The road will be long and dangerous, but with a few good comrades and plenty of pigeons for the plucking you’ll get there yet.





[align=center]The Gang



The goal is to make a small street gang of maybe half-dozen morally ambiguous characters. There is no grand overarcing storyline. There will be some events planned but it will be mostly pick up games and spinning plots off of other events/organizations. If the characters mesh well we can try to make connections with larger groups to collaborate on events and stories.



There is no Free Company commitment. Draffthouse Barons is a street gang and we will keep in touch via linkpearl. The linkshell is to be IC… 90% of the time. If it turns out we really need an OOC channel I’ll make a Discord or something. 



OOC'ly it’s a small group of people with similar interests ready to pick up roleplay whenever or have your back if your character gets into trouble. Or wants to make some trouble, as the case may be. 






[align=center]The Name



Draffthouse Barons, or The Barons for short, is the name of a newly founded street gang operating mainly out of Ul'dah and Eastern Thanalan though members have been known to roam all across the City States. 



Draff is another word for dregs, lees or refuse from the process of brewing. It’s a nod to their their roots as a bootlegging operation smuggling moonshine whiskey and bathtub gin from the Golden Bazaar.



It’s also a reference to their existence as a by-product of Ul'dahn society. We’re so deep. Like a puddle. 









If you’re still reading chances are good something caught your interest. For the sake of clarity I’m going to boil it down nice and neat to a tl;dr:


“Draffthouse Barons will be a small, comedy/shenanigans based role play with a focus on small time crime. Less GTA more Saints Row. Less Godfather more Snatch. It will, generally speaking, not be serious and edgy. There are other, far better run organizations for that.”





Waaaait a minute, it sounds like I’m just trying to make a gang to hang out and goof around playing fail!thieves with.



Well, aren’t you the clever one.



[align=center]How to Join[/align]


[align=center]Recruitment is now Open![/align]



  1. Send a message to heavenlyjustice here on the RPC using one of the handy contact options available.
  2. Check out our tumblr site and contact us that way
  3. Contact Ma'sae Pohju in game, EST nights and weekends


After contact is made we'll discuss a few things OOC then arrange an IC meet up to initiate your character properly into the Barons![/align]

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