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Plunging in. Yes. Hello.


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Hi, hello, all! I've been meaning to join this forum for quite some while now, but always hesitated due to workload; I was afraid I wouldn't be able to contribute to the community at all. But oh well, I finally decide to plunge in.


So, so, introduction! Final Fantasy XIV is my first MMORPG ever, which I bought solely because it's "Final Fantasy" (during XI I was too... college student... to even imagine playing that). It's also my premiere foray into the so-called internet community (my previous interaction through the net was exclusively sending and receiving emails). Even though it's been almost two years already, I'm still occasionally worried that I'd stumble through some unknown, severe internet faux pas. So if I actually did such a thing, please pardon me, and tell me about it.


You could imagine that the concept of "RP" has been very much alien to me until recently. In retrospect, perhaps those players in Limsa who typed in pirate-speak while I was passing through were actually role-playing, but at that time I simply chalked it up as "internet people being weird again" (sorry).


In any case, it's not until a while later that I got introduced with the concept. I saw a lalafell and a miqo'te bickering on Ul'dah's main street. I got interested because I recognized the names, Dural Tharal and Kipih Jakkya, as reporters of in-universe articles sometimes posted on Lodestone. And what do you know, they're actually slinging mud towards each other's newspaper:


"There's no news in Gridania!"

"The Mythril Eye is tabloid journalism!"


It was amusing. So I asked around and found that they're actually GM doing mini events and interacting with general populace, probably to accommodate role-playing. Then I was informed that there are players who like to gather and act in-character. To me, that sounded... pretty awesome.


Long story short, I researched some more (it was around this time I became aware of RPC, I think) and finally joined an RP Linkshell (hi, Sha! Ariel! Yssen!).


Uh, that's pretty long, and I haven't even gotten around to my character yet. Do bear with me.


Myal Somatahr,

a miqo'te who once worked as a bouncer-slash-debt-collector for Platinum Mirage, only caring about paying her own mother's debt. It's not until a violent falling out with the Mirage and her hiding in Gridania that she started to become more aware of the war, with the Empire right there across the Shroud's border.


After doing some oddjobs for the Wood Wailers, she decided to join a group of mercenaries for the promise of riches. During the Dalamud's fall she took her mother and brother to an island west of Vylbrand, intending to put them as far away from the moon as possible. She fully intended to join her mercenary comrades for the grand battle in Mor Dhona, but only found a crater by the time she got there.


So that's the gist of her. I am not capable enough to get into her character 24/7, but I'll try my best to never stray out of character during actual RP sessions.


What else, what else... ah! I mostly learn my English vocabularies from novels and games, so do tolerate odd choices of words and/or outdated colloquialism I might use.


That's all. Hello again, all. I hope to be of some worth.

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Thanks for the welcome, all!



Ironic that you mention being too much of a college student to play FFXI, since being in college was part of what prompted me to buy FFXI in the first place.


Yar, my college days was the instant noodle days. Not to mention at the time the internet of my country was still unstable (it still kinda is...).

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Welcome to the RPC!! I'm glad to see you're all ready fitting in! It does seem we have quite a few non-native english speakers so I'm sure you'll find yourself right at home. It sounds like you have a better idea of your character than I did when I first joined, the rest comes with time you'll get there! :thumbsup:

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