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A characters profession progression

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Ok so, this may seem like a weird question. Would it be weird for a character to either a) have two professions that are unrelated to each other or b)change from one profession to the other, also which has nothing to do with each other.


I know at the end of the day it's more do what you want, but I want to know would it be a natural progression. When you choose an IC profession for your character, do you tend to stick to it all throughout rp, or has your character changed professions naturally (without retconning, having their previous profession still being apart of their history? 


My character is currently an investigative journalist...which is fun to rp and all, but recent rp events gave me an idea of having him delve into the arts of mercenary. (I think that it would be weird, journalist turned mercenary, but I tend to overthink things a lot).

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This sounds perfectly reasonable. All you have to do is make the transition a part of the RP itself. It provides hooks for your character learning to fight, using contacts he may have picked up from journalism to shift over to mercenary work, and figuring out how to break into the business with comparatively little experience. 


None of the above are obstacles - they're opportunities.

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