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[Journal] Hoshi's Reflections

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Attack on Flame


The refugees are growing more and more pathetic as they form their little resistance. Their thrust for power and blood has gotten them to where they are now. They shalt to take over all of Eorzea, but now they're on they're knees in front of its legs the moment their land was taking away. How ironic. They say "destruction is power" as they praise their mighty god, Rhaglr, but is it Rhaglr that has called destruction on them? Perhaps it is Rhaglr Himself that has pass His judgement on Ala Mhigo, as if to pay for its crimes. Who am I to judge the might of the gods?  


Some refugees will do anything for a second chance, or, for revenge. No more how radical it seems. Some are willing to attack the very people who tried to assist them. Case in point, the Grand Companies. It is truly shameful. Immortal Flame soldiers had been beaten by these hostile refugees, all just to seemly prove a point,. Although they are less than experienced fighters, they were using a drug that forces their charka open temporally, but at a price. Many prices, rather. It bugs me to see they cannot put the effort of gaining the strength themselves.   


I had a mind to kill them, but eight fighters stepped in to face them. This was an interesting bunch, so I sat back and watched. Two paladins, a gunwoman, some sort of summoner, a lancer, a swordswoman, a doman pugilist, and a dimwit kitten all joined the fury against the four bandits.


Despite being outnumbered, the bandits put up a fight, but only because of the drug they were using. They all exchanged blows as the bandits were using dirty tactics in order to win. The bandits proved to be a formidable bunch, much to the adventurers' and Flame soldiers' dismay, and my disappointment. The drugs they were using seem to have deadly side effects upon overdose, as one of the bandits died after taking too many. Good riddance.  The eight fighters were at least competent however, holding their own against the bandits for a time.


I however, grew bored, so I stepped in to assault the nearest grunt, showing no mercy. Then as I was just about to finish the other two off, the dimwit kitten tried to stop me. Even if they wanted to apprehend them, they deserved to die. However, this was the opportunity to test her strength, and so I challenged her, which the intent to kill if she was too weak. Thankfully, she put up a better fight than I though (or I'm getting old). With that said, she was still no much for mineself, and she was meant with the sand. I noticed she was undergoing a transformation through all this but she didn't seem to realize this. Perhaps she is just like me after all...  My dear, sweet Chiyo...


...I have to stop him.

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