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A Reflection of Silence (Partially a Journal. Some events.)


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Rah tossed and turned endlessly within his coffin, before at last coming to terms with the fact that he wasn’t finding sleep right now. Sleep, like the concept of someone showing him genuine and consistent affection always seemed to constantly flee from wherever he was or would appear.

If I keep having things promised and taken away from me, I am going to go insane.

A pair of soulless black eyes accompanied by mirthless under of umbral blue rolled open eerily as a flurry of long taloned fingers pressed a button nestled between the crimson upholstery of the coffin-shaped magitek unit. With a few clicking sounds and a low mechanical whirring noise, the lid split in two and swung ajar. The male lodged within rose stiffly and automatically; a shapely, nude form greeted  the outside room with all the enthusiasm of an unwilling corpse.

If I keep hearing lies from my “friends,” I’m going to go insane.

A pair of long, shapely and relatively slender legs that tapered into massive, cruelly clawed and taloned paws for feet carried him over to the writing desk that stood perhaps a fulm or so from where his coffin was. A few tendrils of hair that had reclaimed that coiffured, nearly floorlength territory wrapped around his legs playfully, and somewhat protectively.

Do you people have to keep taking things from me….?

Rah knelt–his movements eerily graceful yet simultaneously stiff and automatic; as though only the most thoughtful and talented of engineers had foreseen and programmed his every movement to come. He leafed through each drawer until he finally found what it is he was searching for–what was effectively a small, magitek hand mirror. He stared with such pensive into the moderately-sized circular reflection surface of the module that he could hear nothing else in the surrounding background, or perhaps it was that he did not care to hear anything else. It was the same, always–the person staring back at him. It was him, and yet it was not–and this would only come to fuel Rahfel’s fear and fascination with mirrors and reflections of all types.

Where are you?

The only light in the room was offered by the shining blue and violet linear designs on both the coffin and the reflection module.

Hydaelyn started to melt, and the eikons descended and confronted us.

Look for me behind the light.

I live behind the lie; ever so carefully constructed. 

‘Twixt his own memories, Rah saw the illuminated visage who stared back at him–and it was nothing short of both perfect and terrifying. Long, beautifully kept raven-colored locks glistened comfortably in the darkness.

Who are you?

I followed the rules of their world; divided into two and released myself.

His dark, ruby red skin seemed to reciprocate the comfort; for the light could not hit its unmarred, metallic surface so jealously.

I only embrace red on the nights that I cannot kill.

This is where we belong. 

The visage smiled at him as the thought crossed his mind. Rah wanted to cry out softly–but even if he did so in vain and silence,

We know that he would still hear us. 

He always hears us, even when they don’t listen. 

He listens for us, and so hears, as they do not. 

They do not hear because they choose not to.

They do not benefit from the truth, so they fear it and avoid it.

After all, is that which causes them to utmost inconvenience.  Those people...

Even as they all get lost in each other and are blind to the darkness, he knows what is best for us.

He cares for us, even when they all will come to die; one after one.

And this is where we belong.

And they; they too belong here, with us.

Such beautiful, shining corpses beside us.

In the dark.

Though the sight of the shining bone gleam from their broken bodies may provoke us.

Beside us, as they swore they would always be.

We will have them beside us, as they all shall be;

And they shall never leave us.

We are a puzzle without an answer; and the voice that glared at their poorly-assembled pieces.

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