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The Golden Gala! -- [ 12/17 @ 8PM EST ]

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[align=center]THE SECOND ANNUAL GOLDEN GALA[/align]


[align=justify]For the second year in a row, the Golden Gala returns to the Gold Court in Ul'dah! We have grown by leaps and bounds since the event that officially gave us our start, and this year's celebration will be a reflection of just how much more golden and glorious we've since become! We're offering more types of entertainment this go-around, and the very well-received White Oliphant game is returning -- this year with not only one sizeable prize, but several million gil worth of prizes given away for free!


So please join Gold & Glory Hunter's Guild for our joint Starlight Celebration Event and Company Anniversary! Whether you come for the food and drink, the music and dancing, the photo booth, White Oliphant, or even the After Party, we're sure you'll have as great of a time attending as we will hosting![/align]



[align=center]Read the full EVENT FLIER for additional details on the Golden Gala![/align]



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Just under two hours remaining to sign up for participation in our White Oliphant gift exchange game! We've still got six slots remaining so sf you're interested, read the information on our event flier and then either:


  1. Send Jaliqai Qulaan an in-game tell.
  2. Send an Ask or Chat to @jaliqai-the-red or @for-gold-and-glory on Tumblr.
  3. Send a Discord PM to Jaliqai#1327
  4. Send me a PM or post here on this thread!


Sign-ups end at 8PM EST sharp! So don't delay if you want to play, because any late entries / sign-ups will not be counted! (Though you may be able to get in on the fun at the Gala itself if there are boxes remaining to be auctioned off!)

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