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Tribal Prince Hyur seeks connections!

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Hi all, long time Balmung player here! Thought I'd reach out to the community on the forums as opposed to grasping RP in Taverns/Houses and such!


I play Ryuichi Shizumi, a proclaimed 'Prince' of one of the Raen Tribes! (Reasoning is on his wiki without boring you all!) brought up in Doma and arriving in Eorzea years back. Now he's fully settled with his apartment, Free Company and now he needs more people to play with!


Looking for Long-Term, friends, romantic interests, enemies and all that jazz!


I'm comfortable with Dark Themes, Light hearted themes, IC Duties (Quests/Dungeons) and such. Pretty much an all rounder when it comes to RP!


If you wish to read up on Ryuichi, here is his wiki!




Hope to hear from you lovely folk soon!

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Hey! Rather new to the RP scene in FFXIV, but reading over your character, I certainly wouldn't mind having my character be connected to you in some way. With what I plan on doing with Django, I think he'd be a good polarization to Ryuichi. Just let me know if you're interested.


Absolutely! I'm down for any RP Links/tethers between characters. Let me know what you had in mind but I'm 100% down!

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I'm tossing my name on this list, too!


I took a look at your RPC Wiki and I think there's a lot of potential for an alliance between the two, perhaps even friendship. There were a few hooks that I can see Arin becoming passionate about if they were to ever be brought up, too, which could potentially lead to more in-depth RP.


Here's my RPC: https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Arin_Tayuun#Magic_and_Mayhem

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