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The Happy Raven café [Every Friday 7-10PM CST]


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This venue has been a long time in the making, but we're finally ready to have our grand opening! Ever since I made my alt on the server, I liked the idea of running an rp venue. However, due to essentially being a new player, I didn’t have a means to make one. Eventually I was able to snag an apartment when those came out, and slowly the venue came to be.


We are located in Ward 8, Lilly Hills subdivision apartment #6. We plan to open on Decemeber 20th at 7PM CST!


The Happy Raven café was created due to my character, Zanel, wanting a restaurant to serve food to his standards. Despite not being a big sweets person, creating desserts allowed him to be creative and is something he enjoys doing as he has fond memories of baking with his mother. As a result, the café is run as more of a hobby to him.


Nevertheless, The Happy Raven café aims to be a high class venue that offers desserts not seen anywhere else in Eorzea. If you’re looking for a private and sophisticated atmosphere, please pay us a visit! 

Visit our blog for menus and other information! http://thehappyraven.tumblr.com/

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