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[Balmung] Syndra Avagnar


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[align=center]I. Basic Info[/align]


     Syndra Avagnar



     Just one with a friend


RP Linkshells

     None so far


[align=center]II. RP Info[/align]

Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy)

     Medium?? I think?? How do I answer this lmao I'd prefer to spend the earlier hours just enjoying the game OOCly, and rping during the night--mostly because I don't want to lose/miss anything while I'm out grinding, and because I'd like to make friends out of character. Exceptions, I guess, are any rps that would be written outside of the actual game, whether it's via Discord, forum, etc.


Views on RP combat and injuries

     I'm absolutely awful at writing combat lmao (unless there's some other system everyone uses here that doesn't require... writing it out...) but I don't mind rping any scenarios that lead-ins or follow-ups! Injuries are completely fine; I'd just like them discussed privately/OOCly beforehand just so we're on the same page.


Views on IC romance

[align=left]     If it happens, it happens, but if it does, I'd prefer to have it be well-developed or planned/discussed. Good, natural rapport is important! I'd just like my partner, if any, to be cognizant of a few things:


     1. No relationship is perfect. There will be ups and downs.

     2. Romance generally isn't this magical panacea that will solve every problem ever. If my (or your) character has some non-romance related issue, chances are, a relationship isn't gonna fix that. What a relationship can offer, however, is support in getting through that hurdle.

     3. IC =/= OOC! (Though this is really one of the Golden Rules for rp in general, so...)


Views on non-romantic RP

     Family, friends, and even enemies are extremely important in building a character, so I'm always all for establishing new ones! No two characters are the same, and as such, each individual will always have that chance of bringing out a new side of my character, or allow me to further explore a well-known one. That being said, I'd love to explore some tense relationships from time to time. Friends are great, of course, but so are characters who really push mine to think and make difficult decisions.[/align]


[align=left]Views on lore

     I'd say keeping to the lore as much as possible is pretty important, because otherwise--what are we doing here, right? But as long as it's 1) within reason, and 2) doesn't clash with any known and confirmed lore/world fact, I'm all for making a few imaginative calls!

Views on chat functions

     Unless you start off anything that's very clearly IC (by using quotation marks, for example) I'm pretty much going to assume everything is OOC. This goes from anything public like in /say to private things such as /tell. My preferred methods for in-game rp would be either through /tell or a private party. Just anything that isn't pretty much advertised for anyone and everyone to see. :') I guess an exception would be if we're in an isolated area, in which case /say is a-okay too.[/align]


[align=center]III. Other Info







Contact info

     I have Twitter, Discord, and Skype, checked pretty much in that order. Send me an ask if you're interested![/align]

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