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[Balmung] Velice


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[align=center]I. Basic Information[/align]


Character(s): Velice, Yashu'a

Primary Character: Velice


Primary RP Linkshell:



[align=center]II. RP Style[/align]


Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy):

Medium. I like to run dungeons and stuff as well and spend some time on that, too. Which means I'm not always IC, but try to be. So I guess medium is the right answer here. I like all kinds of RP, but prefer story or plot based RP. Short and long posts both are fine (since it's often situational if you can reply much or not), but some of my posts can get pretty long sometimes. I also consider any RP happening part of my character's story which influences him and can also change the character depending on the events happening.


Views on RP Combat and injuries:

Combat has to be fair depending on the characters involved. Rolls work fine, simple emote battles are great, too, if both parties know when to also take a hit and keep it all realistic. Same counts for injuries, as long as it makes sense, it's good and I happily have any of my characters get wounded if it is a logical outcome of the fight.

The reason for a fight is important too though, it needs to have somewhat of a context.


Views on IC Romance:

IC romance definitely can be fun, but I prefer it to grow rather than hitting it off right away. Just like IRL, it needs to make sense. In rare occasions stuff like this just happens from one day to the other, so long as it's making sense I'm fine with that, but prefer the more reasonable approach of getting to know one another first and realizing those kind of feelings eventually.

Also, Vel wouldn't say that he is looking and he probably wouldn't jump at anyone wanting to date him right away, while in truth he is craving for something more than just a fleating friend or acquaintance. He just wouldn't openly admit it. He can be flirtatious and seems like he has some interest, but it needs way more than that for him. In any case, a boyfriend who really cares about him would definitely be nice, but he hasn't have any luck with that yet.


Views on Non-Romantic RP (familial ties, etc.):

Almost any RP is great and wanted in my book. Romantic or not. Plots, connections from the past, new friends or enemies, anything works. Just need to find the right hook up for it.

Even family ties is an option. Vel has no clue where his parents are or if they are alive (since he was taken away at the age of 8) so also a younger sibling would be possible. Since I didn't think more on his parent's background, also uncles/aunts and cousins are in theory and option.


Views on Lore:

I'm all for creativity. I try to be canon with the lore as best as I can, but often enough no research gets you the information you really need. Though, I'm open for using loop holes and even for additions to the already existing lore, as long as it is explained properly and fits into the game. It needs to be logical or it's not going to work.


Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc.):

Say - What my character is saying.

/em - What my character is doing.

Yell: Usually IC.

Shout: Never use this and consider it OOC. (Troll channel)

/tell: OOC unless it is used for RP for some reason, such as linkpearl conversation or actual whispers IC.

Party: Usually OOC unless used in big events to keep track of your conversation or for more private RP.


LS: Depends on the linkshell.



[align=center]III. Other Information[/align]


Country: USA

Timezone: CST

Contact information: PM here, whisper in-game, or on tumblr

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