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The Silver Thread


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The Silver Thread that entwines all fates together into an intricate and beautiful tapestry of souls and life. The Thread bands together to carve our way through the dangerous and intriguing world of Eorzea, by selling our swords or magical skills for the right cause and coin. Come join the ranks as we weave our fates and write our own story in the pages of time. 



This is an RP Free Company in a very unique position! We have four dedicated members, but we need your help! Come help us create and round our Company story into an epic tale of wonder and amusement! Together, we can build, create, and shape the Company's destiny. 



If you are interested, please seek out Zethie Aldis or C'irce Si'dereal in-game, or please feel free to send me a private message here. We will gladly answer your questions, meet you in-game to see if your character will get on well in the Company, and just have a good time! Our house is located in Lavender Beds, Ward 7, Plot 17. Come on by and check us out! 

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