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Grand Opening of Eorzea Garden

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This event is OPEN to the public.  Please come out and support the official opening of Eorzea Garden!


Eorzea Garden will be hosting its grand opening on Sunday, January 1st at 3pm EST.  What to expect:

-Small opening ceremony (If we are able to find a headmaster by then he/she will conduct a short speech).

-Meet and greet some of the top instructors in Eorzea

-Meet and greet fellow students, check out the new dorms, and start to form friendships...or even rivalries from day 1.

-Network with community members/partners who may aid in the Gardens growth or provide valuable resources whether it be for military support, aid in festivals and parties (entertainment, food, etc.), or just to say hello!  After all, you never know who you may meet again in the future.


When: January 1 (Sunday) at 3PM EST

Where: Eorzea Garden is located in Mist, Ward 5 at Topmast

Who: Anyone and everyone!  


For Garden Students, please wear your casual uniform for this event.  For graduates/SeeD please wear your formal uniform to the event. If you have questions/need information on how to obtain, contact Laguna Lestrange.


Any other questions regarding this event or Eorzea Garden can be posted here, or PM to Laguna Lestrange.  


:chocobo:                                            IG: Laguna Lestrange

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