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The Platinum Mirage (ic/ooc ls for U'ldah's underground world)

Lunae Lux

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The Platinum Mirage is an LS for rpers who frequent the golden city of Ul'Dah. Those who seek this line seek help in... Unconventional ways. Secrets and information is weighed as heavy as Gil and jewels. Smugglers/drug dealers/assassins/mercenaries and any of the like are welcome here.


A world without law, out of sight from the brass blades and under the nose from the Sultana.


The Underworld provided limitless power and opportunity with the benefits of making powerful friends.


Or enemies.


Now that we have the cool introductions out of the way, this LS is very new and up and coming.


If you are interested please send me (Lunae Lux) or Lias Ahrgo an in game tell or message me here for more information!

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