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Machina and Magitek


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Who are we?


Machina & Magitek is an Immortal Flames division dedicated to creating countermeasures against--you guessed it--machina and magitek of all kinds.


The Free Company aims to combine both engineering and aetherology to produce solutions that can be distributed to both Free and Grand Companies alike, with a long term goal of offering support across the Eorzean Alliance indiscriminately.



We have an in-character linkshell that is open to any who wish to join it, regardless of whether or not they are in the Free Company proper or not, as well as a Free Company Discord channel.

Please direct any questions or queries to R'das Sahazrh ingame.

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Company Goals


Short Term

  • Find a new location for the company base of operations
  • Find a testing grounds for company creations; must be large, flat, uninhabited and near base of operations
  • Attain permission from the Immortal Flames to claim ground near Black Brush Station, Central Thanalan
  • Acquire atherial shield to enclose testing ground and to contain misfires
  • Install shield to testing ground
  • Establish income of firesand
  • Establish non-psychotic income of firesand.
  • Establish income of ceruleum
  • Attend Job Faire
  • Recruit members for atherial division


Long Term

  • Extend contract from the Immortal Flames to the Eorzean Alliance
  • Create geometry for Deprotect and Deshell
  • Create prototype for first engineering project: aether-catching gauntlet (blueprints acquired)
  • Accquisiton of company airship
  • Establish engineering and gunnery classes
  • Establish standalone company workshop

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Company Website


MGTK now has a Guilded website!


We use this website to showcase our RP material, as well as host our company event calendar so that everybody can see all the fun things that the FC gets up to.


Check it out!



RP Crafting System


Since a lot of MGTK revolves around the engineering and production of items, we have devised a tabletop-like crafting system that we use to manage the Company engineering and aetherial projects.


Check it out!

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MGTK Does The Thing


MGTK is finally getting into gear and kicking off our Stormblood plotlines this weekend. Be on the lookout for us in the Fringes and the Peaks as we work alongside the Immortal Flames and the Resistance to deal with the Empire and their mechanical machines of war once and probably not for all, but you know how it goes.


We'll be happy to interact with any and all who want to pop around.


I'll try to update this thread with... well, updates as to what's happening when!

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