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[News] Xaela Found Dead in Ul'dah!

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[align=center]Xaela Corpses Found in Ul'dah - Inspectors Baffled![/align]



[align=center]Another string of violent deaths in the Thanalan region targeting Auri refugees of Xaela descent has surfaced, this time in the city-limits of Ul'dah itself. Three females, all identified as having shared descent with the Qalli clan, were found in the later hours of the night by two tavern-goers whom decided to work their way home through the back alleys leading away from the Sandstone. They reportedly tripped over the bodies in their drunken stupor, and quickly drew the attention of the guards with their terrified screams.[/align]


[align=center]The area was quickly isolated, and placed under a strict cordon until the area might be examined, and the deceased could be relocated; A first hand account, provided by one of the two men under the pretense of anonymity, described the state of the unfortunate Xaela as "grotesque" and "unimaginable". Their throats were slit, and horns removed. Inspectors theorize that they were murdered separately at various times throughout the day, and then later deliberately piled together in the alley. At this time they've no leads; However they suspect that whomever is behind this attack is also responsible for the one seven months ago, whom is as yet at large, given the ostentatious manner in which the corpses were displayed with full intent of discovery.[/align]


[align=center]Citizens are urged to exercise caution, and report all suspicious activity to the appropriate authorities. [/align]


Story: Royle Harper

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