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Want Some Non-Cannon RP? Yes You Do.

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I'm going to host up a non-cannon RP session via Skype tomorrow, and as per usual there are conditions!


With inspiration of background RP (and the subsequent 12 year old picture I am drawing of Deir) the RP is going to be set in the 12th year of your characters life, so we're all the same age. If you want to be a different age, that of course is fine as well as it's all just for fun!


I will post the opening blurb in this post before the indicated start time to set the scene if anyone needs to come in later!


When: April 1st, 2013 @ 7:30/8:00 PM EST Start Time

Where: Skype Group

Who: Everyone is invited (participating or watching, but no OOC)


Message me on skype (s058linda) for an invite!






(Here is the opening post for those of you joining the RP tonight. If you end up joining after the adventure has already begun, please make your entrance something creative like waking up in a locked room and banging on the door for us to find you, or something like falling out of a closet, ect. Remember! The majority of us are going to be our characters at age 12, but you can pick any age you desire. If you have any further questions please post them here! Thanks~)


The last thing you remember is falling asleep.

Whether your parents tucked you snugly in, with your chocobo down pillows, or a pile of leaves was your bed this eve...

Perhaps it was a loved ones arms you were in... or the cold stone floor...


Whomever... wherever... what mattered is that all of it was gone now, and alone now, a whole other place emerged.


Must, greets little noses. Decay, rotting wood and cloth, is heavy in the air. A house- no, much larger than a house. A mansion, dimly lit by only the fading glow of the moon beyond curtains. The foyer, is where this adventure begins...


Once heavily detailed, woven carpets of faded colours stretch in to the house from the locked and chained door, branching off three ways; left, right, and forward up a giant flight of stairs. No lights are lit in the scones littering the walls, nor the candles of a dust filled chandelier hanging high over little heads. Portraits, also hanging on the walls, are too shadowed to make out just then.

The few pieces of furniture in the foyer are tattered and worn, but still more elegant than any common furniture, and behind the cycles of unkempt varnish, gold trimmings are still visible.


Wind whispers through the rafters, the creak of the house shifting the only thing audible beyond the beat of your own heart...

But... are you alone...?


(RP will be posted below, refresh for updates)



Deirdre Ta'ea: Warm blue eyes flit open, thick black lashes rimming the wide orbs as she stares up. A... chandelier...? A chandelier hung over her, but there was no such thing in her bedroom. Groaning in protest, the little girl sits straight, azure curls are unruly and tangled atop her head, the pointed ears of an Elezen poking out from the strands. “Mrh... brother...?”


With tiny hands she rubs at her tired eyes, looking around the foyer which she laid in. She was definitely not home...


Yssen Van: Yssen awakes as a few particularly loud groans and creaks sneak their way into his ears. He rises slowly and carefully, taking in whatever he can about his surroundings. With a deep breath and a few swift, practiced motions he checks himself over. "This is not the Library," he mutters to himself in the dark. He takes a few moments to adjust fit of his black leather and cloth garments. He draws a few breaths in, silently, slowly. While breathing he pulls his boots up to his knee, and his halfgloves to his elbow. With a few more breaths he pulls his long coat around him tightly, buttoning it so that it covers half of his face, and tying a black cloth sash tightly around his waste. With his last beath in the exercise, he pulls a full mask made of wood over his face and a runs his fingers through his hair.


"This has to be a test." Yssen snaps his fingers, summoning a brief burst of flame to illuminate the room around him, and gauge whether or not he is alone...


Klarimel Surtsthalsyn: A loud, low rumble can be heard reverberating from hall to the left. It ebbs and flows, growing louder before petering out, only to grow again. Should you examine the noise you would find a large Hellsguard youth still sleeping in the hallway, deafening snores emanating from him. Dressed in a simple white shirt and dark pants, the change in location was not enough to penetrate his slumber.


Deirdre Ta'ea: As the burst of light fills the room Deirdre looks over, the young girl startled at the sudden light, blinding her for an instant before her keen vision clears, and she sees the others in her company, particularly the man in the robes. And the mask... the awfully scary mask.


Screaming in fright the young Elezen crawls backwards along the carpet until her back hits a wall, nightgown covering her trembling knees. The scary noises from down the hall really were not helping. “HELP DADDY MONSTER!”


Siobhain: Siobhain arose in a sort of stoic silence, her shock at her unexpect surroundings muffled by a conditioned, ever-present calm. When she moved to sit up, the floor boards creaked beneath her, speaking of a lack of maintenance, and the carpeting beneath her fingertips was equally ill-maintained. For a moment, the fiery-skinned Roegadyn simply sat, regarding her environment without much movement. A self-inflicted pinch chased away any hope that she might be dreaming. Thus, her young mind shifted into self-preservation mode. There was an odd sound of rumbling, like some creature was sleeping nearby, but she couldn't quite make out where in the shadowed area she slept.


First, she gave herself a once over, deciding that, though she was still armored in her cured and molded leather gear, with its bits of joined chain mail in between. She was, however, unarmed, but she didn't sleep with her weapons so that was understandable. Still, if this was a matter of magic and kidnapping, the aspiring paladin reasoned, she would have to find a weapon.


Before any more plans could arise, a flare of light from a nearby room caught her attention, along with what sounded like, a young girl's scream. The combination effectively brought Shiv to leap to her feet, eyes still adjusting, and rush forward to assist, only to slam her shins into a large body and bring her tumbling back down with a cry.


Yssen Van: "I am no monster." Yssen replies in a near toneless, and not at all reassuring voice. He remains standing where he is, looking about the foyer for something to use as a light source. "And I highly doubt your father is around. I do not recognize your voice. This means I cannot be certain of what the specifics of our shared situation are, or that I can assure you they bode particularly well for us. Who are you? What are you capable of?"


Deirdre Ta'ea: He spoke too much, and too fast... it was difficult for her to catch on. He certainly looked like a monster with that mask, why did he even need one anyways?

Nestled against the wall her little frame shook, completely displaced from her norm, and entirely disregarding the questions he asked. “I want my brother... where is my brother...?! BAN?!”

Sniffling, bare feet tried to push her further in to the wall.


Klarimel Surtsthalsyn: The sharp impact of legs into his side and the weight of his sister falling onto him thrust him into the waking world, though not happily. He shoved his sister off of him bodily and sat up, rubbing his eyes. "Gods damn it, Svaghain, it's the middle of the night."


It took a few seconds, but it finally dawned on him that he wasn't at home, but actually in a somewhat disconcerting location. Rising to his feet, he looked down at his sister's prone form. "What did you do?"


Kass: Kass opens one eye peevishly. Her sleep had been interrupted again. She rolls over onto her side presenting her back to the room.


Yssen Van: "Then we have a similar goal, as I should find my sister." Yssen's voice remained a cold monotone as he walked over to pick up a dilapidated candelabra. "There is a possibility that this is one of the tests. If that is correct, then it benefits us to work together until we know more specifics. Are you cold?"


Siobhain: Grunting rather ungracefully as she was discarded onto the floor, Siobhain got onto her elbows and knees, waving one hand impatiently for her twin to keep his voice down. "Shh! I didn't do -anything-." She hissed, blowing a long, stray lock of snowy hair out of her face. More carefully, she rose into a crouch, extending an index finger towards the entry way of a nearby room. "There's someone in that room-- they must be the kidnappers." Siobhain proposed, her sharp brows drawing together while she regarded her brother with concern. "Are you hurt?"


Kass: She sighs loudly before curling into a tiny ball. Maybe if she ignore the loud noises they would disappear, leaving her in peace.


Deirdre Ta'ea: Starring at him dead on she could move no further back. Cold? It was hardly cold, and yet she shook like a leaf... out of fear. “You made FIRE with your HANDS! Are you a demon? I am sorry I took the chocobo! Please do not take me away, please! I will be good!”


Tears beading at the corner of her round eyes, thin pale arms wrap around herself, as if in protection.


Klarimel Surtsthalsyn: He ran his hand back through his short black hair, rolling his eyes at his sister's attempt to silence him. "I'm not hurt, but someboy is about to be."


Pushing his twin sister in front of him, he strode into the foyer to confront whoever had managed to make off with a pair of Roegadyn children who were already the size of adult Hyur. He was severely disappointed by the gaggle of other children he found. "What the helll is this?"


Kass: Giving up on sleep, she sits up with a growl, her eyes narrowed to tiny slits. "So loud! I'm trying to sleep!"


Siobhain: Unamused by her brother's lack of apparent foresight, she stumbled into the room, casting her gaze around at the three within it, including the new, loud voice. Her expression finally relayed some small amount of genuine surprise. They -were- all youths, possibly her and her brother's age-- although somewhat smaller, either in height or in girth, or both. One girl was crying, one seemed to be suffering a case of the morning-grouch, and another, which she sort of assumed was a female, was holding light in his hand. She doubted very much that asking them what they were doing here would prove any more insightful than her and her twin's answers to the same questions. "This is ridiculous... Who would be kidnapping teenagers? Slavers?"


Kass: Her ears flatten on the top of her head as her tail lashes from side to side in obvious irritatation. Her eyes focus on the other children in the room. The corners of her mouth pull down in a scowl and she sighs again. "Mother is going to kill me..."


Yssen Van: Yssen lets out a disturbing snicker, before flatly continuing. "No. I am not. I am just a quick study."


He snaps his fingers again, managing to light a few candles on the candelabra. He turns to look Roegadyn children as they make themselves known, tilting his head as he marks their size. "If you mean to harm us, I will simply point out that I am willing to escalate to whatever level it will take to end violence efficiently. This is the only time I pause and give you warning."


He then shifts his head toward the mi'qote. "How many of us are there?" he wonders aloud.


Rhashi Nefhys: He woke with a start, tried to jump up to his feet drowsily and banged his head with a loud THUD. He was cramped inside something wooden and surrounded by darkness. He was still wearing his brown worn linen robe but apart from that all his belongings were gone. He fumbled along the surface of the wood, desperately searching for a way out. But he couldn't find anything at all.


His breathing quickened as he started to flail around to free himself. The rotten wood quickly gave in and he fell out an old cabinet, crashing down head first on the dusty carpet. "Ouch!" Was all he could say before he started sneazing heavily.


Kass: She raises her hands, palms out to shield her eyes at the increased light in the room. "Don't know, my question is how do we get out of here?" She stands slowly , stretching and brushng dust and cobwebs off her tail.


A'eyshn Demiir: A'eyshn Demiir sat up abruptly, the sudden light in the room not as much of a shock as the fact that the room itself didn't seem to be moving as it normally did. The sway she was familiar with was gone. Other figures were nearby, silhouttes at this point. She got up, more confused than scared, "Mum?" she questioned the group as she approached, her oversized worn sleeping gown dragging behind her. Her hair was wild from her sleep, long and curly blonde.


Klarimel Surtsthalsyn: He stares at the kid in the wooden mask for a moment, before turning to his sister, a grin on his face. "Did that kid just threaten us? Did he seriously just threaten us?"


Cracking his knuckles and neck dramatically, he put up his dukes. "I bet I can knock him out before you even get to him, Shiv."


Kass: Eyes the blond girls epic bed head, before surrepticiously smoothing her own long black hair. "No Mums here. Just kids....some REALLY tall kids....but just kids." She shrugs one shoulder, peering at the one who fell out fo the cabnet. "You okay?"


Deirdre Ta'ea: Upon looking at the... what should could only think of as giant red children... Deirdre lets out a little whimper, crawling on her hands and knees under a nearby table, sofas on either side. She had only seen anger like this before between her parents, but they had never been physical. Were they going to fight?

Sniffing again she does her best to hide, jumping again hearing the loud crash of a cabinet falling apart.

Demons... giants and a dusty old house... she must have been dreaming.


Siobhain: "I'll watch." Siobhain stated, knowing how her brother enjoyed it and how she would end up regretting it if Waken found out. She left his side to regard the rest of the room, only for a moment, before returning protectively. "Who are all of you? Where are you from? Ul'dah?"


Yssen Van: Yssen's head darts rapidly, marking each source of new sound in a few moments. He wordlessly places the candelabra down on the floor amidst the group. His head snaps back toward one of the Roegadyn. "You are overreacting, likely out of fear and apprehension over being put in an unfamilar situation. I shall state simply, I do not threaten."


Kass: She cranes her neck to look up at the tall female child. "I'm Kass...from Gridania...and you?" She hops up onto the table that the crying child is hiding under, making herself comfortable.


Rhashi Nefhys: He slowly raised rubbing his head and rearanging his dark blue hair. Moving dizzily he took a step towrdas the others nearly tripping if it wasn't for his tail to find his balance again. "What are you doing in my room? No...wait..this is all wrong!" His eyes widened as his gaze fell upon the group and the vast room they were in.


A'eyshn Demiir: A'eyshn Demiir did not appear to be one for conversation, especially upon waking in a strange place like this. Still.. Someone was whimpering. She looked over to the table that the other girl had jumped up on, crouching down to look under it at the Elezen girl hiding there. She offered a hand to her, to draw her out from beneathe it.


Klarimel Surtsthalsyn: His smile grew a bit more cruel as the young boy spoke. His sister had chickened out, as she usually did. What a waste. Striding closer to Yssen so that he towered over him, he poked a thick finger into the boy's chest. "What I'm reacting to is the nerve of some little twerp thinking he can talk to me like that. So keep your mouth closed or I'll have to break it. You got me?"


Siobhain: Looking to Whandall, and unsure how she managed to overlook him before, she inhaled deeply through her nostrils and cast a glance at her brother. After, she looked to the young girl. "My name is Siobhain Surtsthalwyn. This is my brother Klarimel. We're from Ul'dah."


Galvadan Edgecrusher: The lanky boy begins to stir, hearing more and more commotion by the second. Voices sound muffled at first, then begin to get even more audible as he shifts. His mouth is somewhat dry, he smacks his lips and licks at them. His arms are the next thing he moves, taking a hand to his face and squinting his eyes as he rubs them. He stretches the rest of his slender limbs and gives an almost exagerated groan, his raven/red highlighted hair swings to his shoulder as he creaks his neck in a yawn. "No need to holler momma, i'm getting up for school now." he said strained.


Deirdre Ta'ea: A hand suddenly appeared before her, amid all of the noise of talking and confusion, some one was even on top of the table! Tables were not for standing on!


But, she had little else choice... her brother and father were not there, just these people. Taking the hand she meekly crawls out. She was in her nightgown too! Perhaps one of them knew something? Names began floating about, places she had never heard of... her father always said never to talk to strangers.


Still grasping the girls hand, Deirdre stands just slightly taller, quivering, and quiet.


Yssen Van: Yssen's snaps into motion like a bolt, siezing the Roegadyn's wrist and twisting as his other hand snaps to palm strike the Roegadyn in the sola plexes in a rather suprising blur of motion. "Do. Not. Touch. Me."


Kass: She sighs again smoothing her pajamas over her knees, watching the two boys bicker. "Boys."


Rhashi Nefhys: He backs off into a corner and kneels down twining his arms around his knees, shaking his head vigorously. His voice fades to a mere whisper "This cannot be real! I want to go home!"


A'eyshn Demiir smiled, the young miqo'te keeping hold of the other girl's hand as well, for comfort's sake. She looked over to the rest of the children. Some of them didn't look like children at all, nor did they sound like them. She looked over to the boy, "Stop yellin'." She pulled slightly to lead the taller girl over closer to the rest of them.


Galvadan Edgecrusher: As he bends himself to a sitting position his blurred vision comes into focus, moving his hair from his face and blinking his deep blue eyes. He sees a girl on a table, another small but shivering Elezen girl under it being offered a hand by a furry little one. He also sees a pair bickering, an Elezen and a Roegadyn it was? "Bloody 'ell!" He exclaims "This isn't me room, where in Nophica's left tit am i?!"


A'eyshn Demiir looks back, glaring fiercely at the newest source of noise, another boy. More yelling. "Shut it!"


Klarimel Surtsthalsyn: The strike to his chest hurts, but he tries his best to act as if he were simply assaulted by a feather pillow. The kid seemed to have some skill, but the bulk he was gaining in puberty had his confidence through the roof. He reaches a hand in to grab a handful of the other boy's robes. "You're making a lot of mistakes tonight."


Kassandra Dawn: She flicks her tail in irritation and shifts slightly on the table.


Galvadan Edgecrusher: "Oi, ye shut yer yammerin at me!" He instantly replies. "I was 'avin a dream of cupcakes and a snog i was. 'Til wha' all that bleedin' bellowin' ye all be doin!" He stands to his feet, stretching again, his dark complexion outlines the area around him, he stares at the tiny Miqo'te. "How'd you all get in me dream anyhow? I don' the lot of ye."


Deirdre Ta'ea: Upon seeing the bigger boy grab the smaller demon boy, and finding that no one was going to bother interfering, Deirdre lets go of the little Miqo'te's hand, running up to the two of them, smacking her frail hands in to the side of the giant red one. “Stop it! Meanie! What did you do with my brother?!”


Kassandra Dawn: Shifts toward the back of the table, hoping to avoid any damage the two boys may cause. "How about we figure out how to get out of here instead of killing each other." She watches as the blue haired elezen attack the giant boy and slides off the table. "Oohh no..."


A'eyshn Demiir looked around as her source of comfort pulled away to intervene with the other boys. She wrung her hands then smoothed her hair a little, though it did nothing for it. She looked back to the dark Elezen who had 'addressed' her. "You're not dreamin'. I ain't dreamin'."


Siobhain: The only one who probably had a chance to physically restrain her twin, the large red-skinned girl was drawn from her thoughts by Deidre's cries. Afraid that he might harm her, she strode toward Klarimel, balling up a fist. If he didn't move, she would strike him with considerable force, compared to most. "Cut. It. OUT!" She growled, annoyance for their inexplicable situation growing in her tone.


Yssen Van: "An ironic statement, to state the least." Yssen rapidly snakes out of his coat, revealing the black cloth and leather body armor the coat covered. He slides back a few paces, still set and ready. "If he persists, I will not show mercy. I suggest we continue assessing the current situation, rather than waste our energy in this fashion."


Galvadan Edgecrusher: He looks over at the commotion, then walks very carefully to the small Miqo'te. "Jus' wat i love to see when i wake up in odd spots...pissin' contests and the like." He looks around the massive area, the mildly elegant but still worn funiture adorned about the room. "Oi, where are we then if this ain't a dream kitty cat?"


Deirdre Ta'ea: Upon seeing the man shed his cloak, the little Elezen immediately regrets her choice to attack the big red one, and now skirts to hide behind him, silently frightened by the masked Elezen.


Klarimel Surtsthalsyn: The Elvaan was a little worm, but he'd get what was coming to him eventually. Not even concerned in the slightest with Deirdre, he interrupted her feeble blows by throwing the cast off coat onto over her head as he turned towards his sister. "Have it your way, Svaghain. He ain't worth it anyways."


A'eyshn Demiir: A'eyshn Demiir placed her hands over her ears, flattening them momentarily and closing her eyes. All the yelling, it was just freaking her out! This was scary enough without that too! She shook her head slightly at the Elezen boy's question, indicating she didn't know where they were.


Yssen Van: "Brilliant." Yssen's voice remained a cold monotone. "Where were you all before we found ourselves here?"


Kassandra Dawn: moves towards the door, her tail twitching impatiently. "What's this way?" She pokes her head out into the hall, looking left and right.


Siobhain: Quite in line with Yssen's train of thought, but not prepared to take his side over her brother's, the Roegadyn snorted. She reached to set a gentle, apologetic hand on Klarimel's back for a moment before she folded her arms, regarding these individuals, and the ones she, yet again, had been too consumed to notice. "I think we've been abducted somehow, by slavers. We obviously aren't all from the same place-- so maybe even magically." Her lips pressed into a thin line, giving her countenance more of a mature atmosphere than even her height and quickly developing body held. "We must have all been in our homes."


Deirdre Ta'ea: “N... nowhere...” she answers immediately to the question of the Elezen before falling obediently silent. She could not see anyone any longer though, the coat draped over her head, too frightened to move it.


Galvadan Edgecrusher: The lanky boy looks down at the small Miqo'te girl cupping her hands to her head, still obviously himself taken aback by location and waking in this strange situation. He calmly puts a hand to her arm. "Easy poppet, they's jus' full 'o piss and vinegar they is." He then answers the question directed at all of them if it was to be taken as such. "Me? Well like i said, was in me bunk bed havin sweet dreams til i got woken by all 'dat racket."


Rhashi Nefhys: He stood up again very slowly and swiped a single tear off his cheek. He took a few wary steps towards the group eyeing them suspiciously and stopped a few feet away.


Kassandra Dawn: Purses her lips, the hallway looked the same in both directions: dark and creepy. She turns watching the group as she leans against the door frame.


Klarimel Surtsthalsyn: The crimson lad pouted in his own way, arms crossed over his chest as he faced away from the group. Normally he'd get in a scuffle with his twin over this sort of thing, but she was his only real ally here, so he pouted.


Yssen Van: "I doubt it was slavers, but I cannot rule it out entirely. Something is definately odd about this. Why are there no guards? What exactly his keeping us here?" Yssen walks over to the Elezen now wearing his coat over her head, and tries to help her wear it properly. "You should keep this on. It will help a bit if we run into other dangers here."


He shifts his attention back to the group. "I need a realistic assessment of what we are all capable of. If any of us are to make it out of here we will have to cooperate and be aware of each others talents."


Galvadan Edgecrusher: The lanky Elezen squints "Oi, oi, oi! Ye mind sayin dat in /eorzean/?"


Siobhain: Looking to Kass, she raised a hand and waved it sharply. "Be careful, girl! Don't go out there! Whoever took us might be in one of the other rooms!" She called to the feline girl, careful not to raise her voice too much. The bridge of her nose was wrinkled now as she looked about the room, for something, anything to use as a weapon. Not meaning to startle anyone else, she wandered just behind Klar to an old and moth-eaten chair. With one hand, she grabbed a leg, flipping it onto it's back. With the brute strength of her arms, she forced the legs apart, pleased to find the furniture still resilient enough that she was forced to kick through the seat to free one club-like leg, heavy, even for her hand, but still somewhat short. Klarimel and slender boy he'd fought with might have thought themselves capable of handling whatever they encountered, but she wasn't willing to risk it. "We haven't tried to -leave- yet, so we don't really know if there -are- guards. We're young, after all, I doubt they consider us enough of a threat-. I doubt it's the Empire... or the Syndicate, to be collecting people from other cities. Maybe we're being held for ransom." She theorized aloud.


Kassandra Dawn: Kass snorts softly "Can't see much out there, just dark hallway. Need some light. Glow Boy...mind helping?" She pushes away from the wall, eager to be on her way home. "What kind of skills do you think we'll be needing?"


A'eyshn Demiir: A'eyshn Demiir released her ears abruptly as the boy touched her arm. She turned to the group again, her hands holding eachother behind her back. She listened quietly, not quite understanding the situation fully as some of the others seemed to.


Deirdre Ta'ea: At the mention of the Empire, Deirdre raises her head to look at the girl who seemed to be taking charge, but immediately looked back to the soldier boy and lowered her head in submission. Clutching the coat tighter around her thin, bony shoulders, she can not seem to cower enough, keeping silent.


Klarimel Surtsthalsyn: "Send out the cats to scout, it's about all they're good for." He eyes his sister's attempts to fashion weapons and thinks it's a good idea, but is too proud to get one himself since he didn't think of it. "It's probably all ghosts or somethig stupid, anyways."


Kassandra Dawn: Flicks her tail slightly in annoyance. "Cats?"


A'eyshn Demiir muttered something along the lines of, "ain't a cat .. 's dark .."


Yssen Van: Yssen finishes putting the coat on the Elezen girl by tying the black sash around her waste. He slowly withdraws a dagger from his belt and gently places it in her hand. "Take this with you. Do you know how to use it?"


He shifts his attention to Kass and retrieves the candelabra he set down earlier, and walks toward her with it in hand. "I am unsure, anything could be necessary. If we are to scout, I will go with you. Do you have something to defend yourself with?"


Siobhain: After demolishing a second chair in a similar fashion, she gathered the bundle of makeshift clubs, some a bit more like stakes with the jagged ends, and dumped these in a pile in the center of the room. Klar's idea was sound to her, especially given Kass's apparent willingness to go out-- but their ability to be stealthy and not scream or shout or be silent for a long period of time was questionable. "He means Miqo'tes. It's not a bad idea." She paused, looking over Deidre and Whandall. Her expression softened somewhat, with sympathy. "If you guys don't want to walk, either I or Klar can carry you."


Rhashi Nefhys: Takes a few steps backwards, shying away from the big red one


Kassandra Dawn: Eyes the masked child for a moment before muttering quickly "Icankindahealalittlebutidon'tliketo..."


Galvadan Edgecrusher: The lanky Elezen boy looks for any sort of candle, even a small stick to maybe wrap in cloth as a makeshift torch. After a few seconds of looking he finally gives an exaggerated sigh, walks over to the door and mutters lowly with his hand out. Small speckles of embers begin to swirl at his palm. He tries his best to focus. "Can ye all shut it for a bleedin' second?!" A small flame flickers in his hand, eminating a small glow that danced in his palm. "Oi, much better, at least we got light now, eh?"


Deirdre Ta'ea: Looking down at the dagger in her hand, she looked back up to the dark Elezen, fear now in her tearing eyes. “Are... are we chopping vegetables...?” She asks, in a little whisper, before looking over to the big red girl, still unsure what to do with the weapon. At least she was decent now, with the coat too big for her, toes curling in the deadened carpet.

The magic being cast by the other boy near startled her as well, wide eyes starring like she had never seen such a thing in her life.


Yssen Van: The mask bobs up and down slightly in the light of the candelabra. "Noted. I do not think anyone is injured. I am think it is safe to assume that I am the only one here with any real combat experience. The altercation from earlier has convinced me that this is not a test." Yssen points at the blue haired Elezen girl. "Her brother is missing, as is my sister. Does anyone object to making locating them a priority?"


The mask darts back in the Elezen girl's direction. "Stick anyone trying to harm you with the pointy end. Repeatedly, until they stop moving."


Klarimel Surtsthalsyn: "Our priority is getting ourselves out in one piece. Anything else ain't important." God's damn it, too many kids like his sister here. All puffed up with helping and saving other people when you need all the help you can get yourself. He rolled his eyes.


Kassandra Dawn: Kass practically dances with impatience, shuffling from foot to foot, her tail swinging like a pendullum behind her. "So...we can go now? I really have to go...my Mother is going to murder me if Idon't get home in time for lessons."


Siobhain: Reaching underneath her chest plate, she ripped free a bit of fabric, trying not to hide any disappointment that Whandall seemed frightened of her. It seemed as though she and Yssen were going to have a few issues with who was leading, considering she heard the 'combat experience' comment and was somewhat put off by it. She was just considering that he must not be all that much older than she, and what possible combat he might have been in, when she paused. "Wait a minute..." His comments about their missing siblings brought her attention around to all the individuals in the room. "How old is everyone here?" Siobhain called more loudly.


Yssen Van: "You are free to do as you wish. I will be utilizing my time helping to find others and help the group get out. If you feel you can make it alone, I will take that as your own fair assessment of your chances of survival. Good luck." Yssen replies coldy.


He turns to Kass. "We can. Do you want one of these candles?"


Kassandra Dawn: Holds out her hand, nodding. "Yes please!"


A'eyshn Demiir: A'eyshn Demiir sat down rather abruptly, actually sitting on her curly hair due to it's length. She was frustrated, and scared. She hugged her knees, pulling her feet in under her long nightgown, "I'm tired. I wan'tago home."


Deirdre Ta'ea: Poke people with it? Like... to make them bleed? Was that not what you weren't supposed to do with a knife? Casting a wary gaze to the masked boy, she holds the dagger out as if she is frightened of it. They were organizing to move, she believed, but doubted she would be much of a help. Listening was a better option, and maybe they could find Ban.

“Twelve.” She replies, almost happy to contribute, facing the Roegadyn woman with the dagger still held awkwardly out.


Galvadan Edgecrusher: The lanky Elezen turns a bit with his palm still open dancing his small flame. "I know how ta scrap if'n that's wha' ye sayin, gotta hunt fer food in them woods ye know." He grabs for the candle in the other Elezen's hand and lights it with the small flame he'd made. Closing his hand and wiggling his fingers. "Thanks." He looks around a again as he holds the candle. "Gimme one o' them clubs."


Siobhain: "If -we- were together and -we're- brother and sister, why would they separate you from yours? And why are you so eager to go running out there, unprepared, all of a sudden and split up, when -you- said we needed to work together." Siobhain attempted to reason with Yseen, who apparently was going to maintain a dislike of her abrasive brother and actually take his vote into account. With Deidre as her first answer, she canted her head slightly, regarding the dagger. "We're twelve." After a moment, she dipped to pick up one of the clubs to hand to Bizurker. "Are we all twelve?"


Yssen Van: Yssen hand removes and hands Kass one of the candles from the candelabra, carefully lighting it with on of the ones already lit. "To the right first. Keep your ears open."


Rhashi Nefhys: Circling around the group keeping his distance from the two Roegadyn he slowly advances towards Yssen still seemingly doubtful and cautious. His voice still only a faint whisper "I...I want to help....if I can..."


A'eyshn Demiir: A'eyshn Demiir pipes up, "I'm twelve." She stayed where she was sitting on the floor.


Yssen Van: "Anyone willing to help, come this way." Yssen says, briefly looking back at the group. "Stay behind us."


Kassandra Dawn: Takes a step out intothe hallway, right into the middle of a spider web. Shrieking she dashes back into the room, trying to put the sticky strands from her hair. "Gods! Spiders! Get them off! Someone else go first! I just want to go home!"


Galvadan Edgecrusher: "Oi, i jus' got twelve and a month in!" The lanky Elezen exclaims swinging the club to get a feel for it slightly holding his candle. "And who put ye in charge..ye ain't no boss o' me!" He turns to look at the screeching Miqo'te. "Oi, the bleedin 'ell!"


Klarimel Surtsthalsyn: "Let them go get themselves lost or killed, Shiv, it's not your fault some people are morons." He wasn't really interested any more, mostly just wanting to take his sister and strike out on their own. But he knew she wouldn't leave any cats behind. He glared at the noisy Elezen. "And we are the boss of you. Unless you want to fight for it."


Kassandra Dawn: She glares around her "Don't laugh...don't you dare! I hate spiders."


Siobhain: Humming at this information from the Miqo'te on the floor, she lifted another, lighter bit of wood, testing it in her hand before she went to Aysun's side. This, she offered to her, as the girl seemed not to be quite as eager to go running off right away. "Boys -are- stupid..." The Roegadyn murmured, her attention on the girl now. "But either way, you go with them, or with us, that kid will try to get you home and so will we." Since Yssen seemed inclined to ignore her, she'd given up trying to reason with him and instead, began considering. "We're probably all twelve. That's our common trait." Her thoughts immediately went to The Twelve, where they always went, but that didn't seem to be any link. "We're NOT the boss of them. Stop chasing them off, Klar, just let them go if they want to go, but don't be an arse."


Yssen Van: Yssen methodically dusts Kass off a bit. "I do not hear or see any on you. If you perfer, I shall go first."


Galvadan Edgecrusher: The lanky Elezen looks over to the Roegadyn, and playfully creaks the wrist holding the club. "...Me mum always said, a hard 'ead..makes a soft arse...ye just keep yer furry mitts to ye'self."


Abaigeal: The dank smell of must and a feeling of overall damp washed over the lanky and awkward form of the russet headed twelve year old highland hyur. A shiver danced down her spine causing her to stir. Her fingers gasped for the warm sheets that enveloped her only to find they were not there. Only that of a hard dusty surface greets the pad of her finger tips. The disruption and the lack of familiarity cause her to blink her eyes open slowly only to find a room that was completely unknown to her. A wash of alarm and slight panic set in. Where was Da? More importantly where was Faolan?! She recalled climbing in his bed to take in his body heat as a refuge from the cold weather. Rubbing her eyes as she sat up with a Jolt. The muted sound of faint voices...if they were voice could be heard. Raising to her feet she looked about the room. "'Ello?" She called out in a cracked voice. Fingers reached for a door knob as jiggled the in hopes of finding an out. Locked?! She frowned and pounding on the door harder. "HELLOOOOOOOOO?! IS-IS ANY ONE THERE?!" She called as bare feet pressed against the floor bracing herself as she pulled and tugged harder.The handle poping off and sending her landing on her back side.she sat on the floor uncertian of whether to cry or to find something to knock down the door or the wall...


Kassandra Dawn: Twitches her ears, her eyes going wide. "Hear that? There's someone else..."


A'eyshn Demiir: A'eyshn Demiir curled her tail around her side hesitating momentarily before taking the piece of wood chosen for her. She got to her feet, looking at the 'weapon' and making her choice, "I'll go with you lot."


Siobhain: "Alright." She nodded to the Miqo'te. Rising to her feet at a muffled but audible calling from nearby, she moved away from Aysun, stooping only a moment to gather up one of the larger chair legs in her hand. Again, without much hesitating, she moved to and through the doorway, pushing past whomever stood in her way with as much gentleness as she could muster without sacrificing speed. She followed the echoes of the call down the hallway, tapping on the wall. "Hello? We hear you! Keep calling!"


Yssen Van: "Yes. Two doors down." Yssen strides over to the source of the noise, and places his hand the door, and turns to Kass. "Stand ready."


Klarimel Surtsthalsyn: Klarimel chased after his sister with far less gentleness in moving people. Damn girl was gonna get herself killed. "Hold your horses, if you die mom'lll kill me."


Kassandra Dawn: She raises her eyebrows "Stand ready for what? If it's spiders you are on your own." She grips her candle tightly creeping along behind Glow Boy.


Galvadan Edgecrusher: The lanky Elezen turns hearing the muffled screams. "This jus' keeps gettin' better don' it?" He says walking and reading his clubbed hand, holding his candle out to be under his chin but still away to give small light ahead of him.


Abaigeal: Her head rest atop of her knees as she tried to gather her head. What woudl Da do. What would Faolan. Faolan would say "YER NOT SUPPOSED TO CREY!!" she bit her lip in frustration before someone called out did they hear her?! her head snapped up as she jumped to her feet ashe rushed to the door and pounded on the door and wall more. "HELLO!!!" She banked mercilessly on any surface that woudl sound. "AH..AH'M IN HERE!!!"


Deirdre Ta'ea: Finding herself suddenly alone in the foyer Deirdre panics, running after the group of them down the hall, the dagger stretched out as far as possible forward in front of her. “H- hey! Do not leave me alone!”


Her long legs make good pace, though she trails behind the group as soon as she does catch up, wary.


Siobhain: Screeching to a stop, as Yssen predicted with his, apparently and understandably, better hearing, two doors down. She paused before it, moving off to one side to give the rest of the group room. The door was quite obviously locked, if the girl wasn't out in the hallway by now. Siobhain backed away another step, tapping the door's outside lightly. There was no latch on the outside, but there was a keyhole-- so they couldn't simply free her unless one of them had come bearing lock picks and experience. "Let Klarimel get it. He can get the doorknob off at the very least..." She offered, mostly to Yssen, though she felt like it was rather hopeless talking to him.


Yssen Van: "You. Behind the door. Stand five paces back from it and lay on the ground on your front." Yssen's toneless, hardly comforting voice works it's way through the door. He places his palm flat on the door and takes a deep breath.


A'eyshn Demiir: A'eyshn Demiir keeps a comfortable distance from the group as she follows them, merely following, though apparently feeling a bit more at ease now that she was 'armed.'


Kassandra Dawn: Backs away from the door, the floor boards creaking as she moves.


Abaigeal: Abaigeal breathes a sigh f relief as the voice that reply seem to be kind in nature, or someof them anyways. "Aye! Aye Ah'm in here!!!" She speaks rapidly and rather fast. "Do what now...?" She peeks through the the key hole only to finally have teh words register. "AYE!!" stepping back and follwing directions she lays on the floor


Galvadan Edgecrusher: "Oi!" The lanky Elezen shouts. "Jus' take it easy poppet, you'll be out in a jiffy!" He looks to the group as the Elezen in self proclaimed charge. "Well, bash your 'ead against it or whatever so we can get a move on."


Siobhain: Furrowing her brow, the Roegady reached out, considering shoving at the boy preparing to do-- whatever it took to remove the door and required the girl inside to lay on the floor. She snorted at his thick headedness, instead. "If you're going to be an idiot, then be one. I guess you should take them all out-- Klar and I can navigate on our own, since you're determined to isolate us."


Deirdre Ta'ea: As they began fussing with the door for whatever reason, Deirdre could not hear any voice within, the little Elezen padded further down the hall, peeking in to an empty room, finding nothing but dust marmots.


Sighing she continued down a little further, curiosity getting the better of her. “Ban? Ban where are you?”


Yssen Van: Yssen lets out a deep breath, channels aether and directs a fire spell into the wood of the door, slowly converting the wood into ash as he concentrates. "My way is quieter." He mutters. "There will be a time for smashing."


Kassandra Dawn: Her back brushing the wall, she stares intently at the group gathered around the door. She brushed at her face, still feeling itchy from the early spicerweb attack. She felt a tickling at the back of her neck, rubbing at it in frustration, she glanced up towards the ceiling. A tiny squeak of fear died in her throat as a giant spider snatched her up and scuttled off.


Abaigeal: Looking up to the door frame she finds a group of faces peeking in on her as the door magically vanishes or so it appeared in her mind. Standing to her feet her emerald hues large and round. "How did ye??!" She stares in wonderment. Standing to her feet she would appear lanky with a mop of long unruly curls that bounce about her shoulders. She is wearing a mens linnen shirt as night clothes. Padding toward them she sheepishly bows her head. "Um...Th-thank Ye..."


Galvadan Edgecrusher: The lankly Elezen sighs, twirling his club. "That was /nifty/ ..i've never /seen/ fire used /that/ way before." He says snidely as he stares at his candle it waves and flickers.


A'eyshn Demiir: A'eyshn Demiir idly mimics the lanky Elezen, twirling her piece of wood. Waiting. Siezing the distraction.


Yssen Van: "To be certain. I was not sure if it would work that way. There was a slight chance that it would have exploded."


Siobhain: Glancing to Gal, and tilting her head slightly, as though agreeing with him, she looked, rather, less impressed-- but being treated like an empty-headed brute had done something to dampen her excitement. A quick look over the girl verified that she seemed intact and relatively unharmed. Gingerly, she extended the wooden chair leg that she held towards the girl, as she had toward the lanky Elezen, and the female Miqo'te before her. "Here. I won't really need it." She would have offered her clothes, if she had anything more on than leather armor, half a tunic, and trousers.


Galvadan Edgecrusher: "Ye'..don't get when a bloke's bein a smartarse do ye?" The lanky Elezen says twirling his club, looking over the other Elezen's shoulder to the girl in the room. "Ye alright poppet?"


Xenedra Ambreaus: From behind the hyur girl, a flimsy looking Miqo'te girl pops, shouting, "BOO!!"


Yssen Van: Yssen's mask snaps back toward the source of the "Boo."


Klarimel Surtsthalsyn: Another couple of cats, exactly what they needed. Probably as worthless as the other ones. "Quit babying them and let's go. If they can't keep up leave them behind."


Abaigeal: Her face pales of color before reddening like a cherry as he mentions it coudl have blown up. "Ye mean ye coudl have killed me?!!!" she squeaks with a hint of a bark balling her hands . Her gaze looks to the taller lass she took the offered Chair leg. "Thank ye.. Ah.. Ah do have a blade or two if.. if that HEL-" Abai jumps about six feet in the air.


Yssen Van: "Killed? No." Yssen replies tonelessly. "Why do you think I asked you to step back and lay on the ground."


Xenedra Ambreaus: Xenedra Ambreaus breaks into gigglefits, jumping back behind the doorframe and yanking Abai along.


Deirdre Ta'ea: Looking over her shoulder at the group, now pretty far away from her, Deirdre was utterly convinced she could find her brother alone! She had made it this far!

With her dagger ahead of her, the little Elezen girl opens a door, and slips in to a room much further down the hall.


Galvadan Edgecrusher: "Yeah, 'cause kickin' the door down was /too/ easy fer 'ol ringleader 'ere! Ye' blokes need hugs..or candy.." The lankly Elezen quips, just as he mentions candy his stomach growls. "I'm gettin 'ungry..wich is puttin me in a mood."


Abaigeal: The highlander lass is yanked by Xenedra behind the door frame. "Why would ye do that to me!! Gave me a fright!!!" She blushed and pouted.


Xenedra Ambreaus: "Oh, you're fine~" the Miqo pipped. "Now that we're out, though... Who are you guys?"


Yssen Van: Yssen steps farther into the room, using the candelabra to look for things of use. "We are all in a similar situation. Most of us found ourselves in the foyer. We are looking for signs of others. Are either of you injured? Do you know how you came to be here?" Yssen voice remains consistently cold, toneless, and not at all comforting.


Kerr V'yen: If there had been anyone or anything with malevolent intent in the great house, surely it would have come running by now with all the noise this group was making. Fisticuffs and shouting in the foyer, shrieking about bugs, and now breaking down doors? Was he the only one who perhaps saw the benefit of keeping his mouth shut until he knew what was going on? If there truly had been someone intending to harm them, why would they want to broadcast where they were? Their dark-eared shadow kept to the wall, content to wait and see which of them would get eaten by a spider next.


Siobhain: Inclining her head politely as Abaigael accepts the weapon, even though she has her own. Where she hid them in that nightshirt, Siobhain hardly knew. But, considering her size difference, she didn't want to disarm anyone. Without another word, even to answer the surprisingly perky Miqo'te's query, she maneuvered around the group and made her way down the hallway, without weapon or candle. One arm was extended, to help her navigate in the darkness, while her long strides were low, sweeping over the carpet to prevent any further trip ups. She wasn't waiting, she wasn't obeying some scrawny aether-weaver, and she was going home, one way or another, with or without anyone else.


Xenedra Ambreaus: "You're creepy..." eight-year-old Xenedra tells the monotone boy.


Abaigeal: Abaigeal shook her head massive tangles of curls shake. "No.. not injured..." She purses her lips and cocks her head to teh side looking at Xenedra. "Ah almost forgot ye were in there with me...Are ye alright?" She blinks curiously.


Galvadan Edgecrusher: The lnaky Elezen chuckles at the statement. "Oi, i know right!" He bows his head a bit and looks at the red haired Miqo'te "Galv'din Edgecrusher's me name!"


Xenedra Ambreaus: "Mhm," she answers cheerfully and wanders out into the hall, mostly ignoring the other elezen other than a little wave in his direction. "Where izzis?"


Rhashi Nefhys: Rhashi backs away further shivering slightly and muttering to himself. "Isn't there someone missing." He tries to count all the heads in the obscure twilight and nods. Turning around he sneaks away into the darkness of the hallway barely producing any noice with his bare feet.


Yssen Van: "I assume that you will take charge of the child then." Yssen points his masked face toward Abaigeal before exiting the room.


Klarimel Surtsthalsyn: Klarimel Surtsthalsyn follows his sister off into the dark, knowing that nothing in the house stands a chance against them both.


Abaigeal: Abai reached and groped for the younger lass who seemed to curiously zip off. "Aye...R-Red..." She frowned looking to teh others. "Um.. Er..Ah'm Abaigeal..." She nodds to them before moving quickly out to hall after teh lass.


Xenedra Ambreaus: Xenedra slips out of Abaigeal's grasp, non-plused. "What're we doin'?"


Deirdre Ta'ea: Having slipped in to a different room away from the group and wandering a ways, Deirdre ends up in a massive room a ballroom, which felt bigger than even her little farmhouse was. The knife now at her side she looks up and all around, astonished at the pure size, and completely displaced from the group. “Wowwww... I bet I could fit the whole village in here... Ban is not going to believe this...”


Yssen Van: Yssen makes a quick head count. "Where is the blue haired girl with my coat?"


Xenedra Ambreaus continues down the hall, curiously blinking at all there was to see with big, mismatched eyes. Red, curling pigtails bobbing around her shoulders as her head turned this way and that.

[8:51:44 PM] Kerr V'yen: "Down that way," their shadow finally spoke, though they couldn't see the direction he indicated in such gloom. Pushing away from the wall, the small miqo'te joined the circle of light made by their candles. His hair glowed like sunshine in the yellow light, looking like it hadn't seen a brush in days. He bore a myriad of bruises on his face and bright, bright eyes the color of spring leaves. "It is probably a good idea to join her." Considering the spiders.

[8:52:29 PM | Edited 8:53:26 PM] Abaigeal: Calling after the young Miqo'te. "Red!! Red!! don't ...don't wander too far!!" She sighed exasperated. It was only natural she be placed in "charge" of teh girl as the two were in the room together. " Ah.. Ah'm sorry!!Um... how.. how long have ye been in here?" She questioned the others

[8:53:23 PM] Xenedra Ambreaus: "Heeey! I can't seee!" Xenedra shouts back down the hall when she finds herself beyond the light of their candles.

[8:54:27 PM] A'eyshn Demiir: A'eyshn Demiir seemed to finally realize that the Roegadyn girl she had been following had wandered off, and she hadn't seen what direction she'd gone in. She frowned, edging over closer to the only other one who'd really spoke to her, that lanky Elezen.

[8:54:31 PM] Yssen Van: "Agreed." Yssen nods, moving toward where the shadower had indicated. "Were you injured here, or before you got here?"

[8:54:39 PM] Abaigeal: She chased after the Miqote. "Well get back here!!" She frowned grabbing the younger girls wrist and dragged her back.

[8:55:07 PM | Edited 8:55:20 PM] Xenedra Ambreaus: The younger girl just whines and points back down the hallway as Abai drags her along.

[8:56:29 PM] Abaigeal: "Aye, Aye...We'll go Red...but we should stay with the others.." She handed her teh broken chair leg that the Roegadyn handed to her. "here...take this..."

[8:57:34 PM] Kerr V'yen: "Before," the short miqo'te with the dark ears said simply. He offered no further explanation as he joined them in moving down the hallway. His clothing was well worn and dirty and he wore scuffed leather boots that came nearly to his knees, with the hilts of two daggers just peeking from the tops. "I'm not sure which door."

[8:57:53 PM] Xenedra Ambreaus: Xenedra Ambreaus blinks at the chair leg. "Buh?"

[8:59:02 PM] Abaigeal: Abaigeal laughs at the girls face returning to the group."Buh? Buh wha'?"

[8:59:24 PM] Xenedra Ambreaus: "Wassat for?"

[9:00:00 PM | Edited 9:00:21 PM] Abaigeal: Abaigeal turned and made a comical face and held her fingers infront of her face like fangs. "Spi'ers..."

[9:00:54 PM] Xenedra Ambreaus: Xenedra makes a somewhat panicked face and takes the club. She can hold it up... mostly.

[9:00:58 PM] Yssen Van: Yssen raises his voice, though it remains toneless as it echoes though the halls. "Girl. Girl with my coat. Where are you?"



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Deir is actually the same as Rhio, TOTALLY DIFFERENT from what she is now, it's kind of adorable.

Actually a lot of people are telling me they are missing out, so I'm going to update the OP with the posts as we go so people can read. Keep refreshing for updates!

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