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Blue Sky Ventures

Kate Fletcher

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“So which is it, hmm? Are you looking for a new place to enjoy a drink and watch a show? Maybe a new home away from home where the wine is served with a smile, the feel is rustic, and the company is engaging? Or maybe you’re looking for a bit of work, a way to deepen your pockets a bit? Seems you’ve stumbled into the right place then, love. Sit yourself down, and see why Blue Sky Ventures is the place you never knew you’d been looking for...


“Yes, it's true that Eorzea has plenty of taverns, bars, and places to get a drink and more than enough companies that are willing to open their doors for regular nights of festivities. But what if what you yearn for is a wonderfully intimate setting where the splendours of the evening are sheltered from the world outside the doors. That rustic feel that’s often lost along the way, performances at a pace that allow you to enjoy both the stage and the company you’ve made. If this is you, then pull up a chair at the Cloudtop Vista. And for when you’ve had your fill of merriment, drink, and entertainment, or perhaps it’s why you came in the first place, we now come to..


“...the levedesk. That’s right, much like other establishments, such as the Drowning Wench, the Quicksand, and the Carline Canopy, the Cloudtop Vista features a levedesk where all manner of work can be found. The Shark and the Snake was founded as a less restrictive and much more lucrative alternative to the Adventurer’s Guild. Being independent, we can offer a wider variety of jobs that feature both wildly splendorous compensation as well as adding that extra bit of danger should you happen to have a more.. adventurous side. Talent is the most valuable of all commodities so sharpen that blade, while getting paid.”


“What do you say? Care to come and take a job, make some gil, then relax and enjoy a drink?”

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We are now looking for permanent Tavern Staff!


Notice, the positions we are looking to fill are completely non-combat. If you are interested in our FC but would rather check us out for a combat position please let us know.


We are currently searching for hosts, bartenders, performers, and an assistant for Kate Fletcher since she works so damn hard. For more info or to apply for one of the positions, please contact Kate Fletcher!

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