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EU Fanfest - Fan Gathering/Travel Plans

Mikel Hunter

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This has been posted on Reddit and Facebook, so I wanted to let others here know too. There is a discord group set up for discussing travel plans between people attending the Fan Festival in Germany, as well as meet ups.


The Frankfurt locals have made a Google map of the area with suggested restaurants and locations of hotels some are staying at. There's also information on train networks and advice on reaching the hotels from the airport.


I don't know if putting a link here in the post is okay with the owner yet, or okay with forum rules so, if you're interested in joining send me a PM or ask here and I'll forward you a discord invite. See you in Germany!

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Post from the organiser Wyrm Limion:




The Fanfest Frankfurt Discord is reaching out to more Fanfest attendees!

This Discord was created for those attending fanfest alone to meet fellow attendees and for those in groups to expand their social circles.

Fanfest is a very special time for us FFXIV players, and its an all around greater experience when you know other players, many people traveling to fanfest have friends in-game who are not attending, this Discord will allow you to find a group to attend with.

The Discord channel is almost 2 weeks old, in that time its gained a large number of players from across the game, offering advice to those attending whether it be travel or hotel advice as well as activities to do in Frankfurt.

I'm happy to say that groups are already forming and the reaction from the players to the discord has been very positive, everyone's putting their best foot forward to make this fanfest the best possible experience for all.

The link to Discord is https://discord.gg/VyNWRjq

We all hope to see you in Discord we will all see each other at fanfest \o/

Thanks, Wyrm Limion - Phoenix(EU)

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