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Scorpion <<SCRPN>>

Sanvi Dhavha

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You come along into Ul'dah, the bustling city of commerce and intrigue, reknowned for its sinful nature and non-elusive criminal problem. Maybe that's what brought you to the city, looking for something on the... darker side of things. Maybe you were just on your way through town trying to avoid whatever could have brought you for a short stay into the city. Regardless, you found yourself in the Quicksand, the city's notorious place for socializing and having an ice cold ale. 



After a few ales down the hatch and you find yourself people watching the crowds, noting the friendly faces surrounding you... until a cloaked figure passes by, blurring your vision for a brief moment. She sits at your table, not quite asking for permission nor seeming to care to either. You and the robed figure seem to speak for a short time regardless about light conversation, the voice telling you the robed figure was that of a woman. At one point, you remember her asking a question that would shake your core for a quiet moment:



 "Tell me, what is the most precious commodity in the world?"



It seemed a simple question, yet the words themselves held a questionable weight to them. It was interpretative: To some, the answer could've been money, time, mayhap even memories. To you, you think of your answer until the cloaked figure stands up to leave.



You note a whisper of a breath as she passes by, not quite realizing what she spoke entirely til you glanced at the bar's table.



There, in your view, you spot a small, ivory envelope, the symbol of a scorpion emblazened on the front. Upon opening it, a scorpion falls out from its' contents, scuttling away somewhere between the feet planted on the marble flooring. Inside, the words 'The Alacran is Always Watching.' clouds your vision, making you ever-so curious...



Do you pursue them? Well, maybe some secrets are too interesting to keep buried...








[align=center]About us:[/align]



[align=center]Scorpion is a Crime Organization running outside the City of Ul'dah, Revolved around growing our connections within the city, as well as spreading our influence throughout the shores of Eorzea. We are influenced by the lore of the Alacran within the game.[/align]


[align=center]We are a growing, creativity-focused, friendly group who are focused on bringing a fun and friendly environment to RP while showing the darker themes of roleplay within Eorzea. We also focus on FC vs. FC content in order to provide a more immersive RP experience, avoiding metagaming/godmodding. We promote and encourage other members within the guild to create FC themed events to get the whole group involved, with the help of other members and officers.[/align]


[align=center]We currently use Eorzea as our area to RP, but we do have a few apartments we use for more private RP. We are currently saving up for a large plot and are already quickly making progress through the dedication of the guild.[/align]


[align=center]We have a discord and an LS dedicated to keeping the group in touch and open at all times. We are typically on during evening hours, EST though we do have some EU members as well. [/align]








[align=center]- Now Recruiting -[/align]



[align=center]We are an FC who is open to inviting new and old RPers alike. All we ask is you send in an application in-game and one of our officers will be in touch with you shortly. Should we have any questions regarding your interest, note it is just to get a feel for if you would be a good fit within the guild. [/align]


[align=center]Upon accepting an application, We do our best to do an introduction within the guild, whether it be a small-event, a one-on-one character interview, or group activity. New members are subject to a two-week beginner period to test out the fit and get a feel from all our members before inducting officially into the FC.[/align]


[align=center]If you have any questions regarding recruitment or the FC in general, the best way to reach us is through Discord or in-game.[/align]


[align=center]- Ossia - #7058 - (Ossia Obinata IG)[/align]

[align=center]Zana Lheyga (IG)[/align]

[align=center]Kage#6415 (Kageri ShadowDancer  IG)[/align]

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