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[Brynhildr] Void Hunters


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The Void Hunters is a roleplaying Free Company on Brynhildr. The primary language of our players is English, but the leader (Liavelle Sailmet) also speaks French. As a resource in the overall game, the Void Hunters have a medium-sized Company House and a fully upgraded fleet of Airships. We run content of 'medium' difficulty and coordinate with a few other free companies on Brynhildr to fill out teams as needed.


In-character, the Void Hunters are a Ghost-Buster-esque group of adventurers, taking jobs to investigate and remove troublesome voidsent, in addition to general social antics. We run events with any number of participants, from two to more than a dozen, varying in theme from dungeon-crawling to holiday parties. Roleplayers of any experience level are welcome to join; You'll find our leaders willing to answer questions and provide requested advice about stories and character development.


The overall Roleplaying Community in which Void Hunters partakes is a joint effort between ourselves and another dedicated RP FC, 'Nakama', as well as a collection of 'free lance' players from other FCs. The shared linkshell is called 'The Lorekeepers' and players are encouraged to participate in the shared channel. Learn more on our forum at The Void Hunters, or contact one of our leaders in-game: Liavelle Sailmet, Vivian Cerberus, Tawny Voleur, Y'lesia Lheah, U'khima Tia, U'tolmii Odh, or Bradly Tyrson.


Interested in RP on Brynhildr but not necessarily the theme of 'Void Hunters'? Contact any of those people listed or send me a private message to discuss the theme of 'Nakama' or get information about participating in our community as an independent adventurer.

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