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Obsidian Coterie


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“Protection, infiltration, intimidation, even martial warfare. There’s little we can’t provide to our clients.”


The Obsidian Coterie, also known as the Obsidian Free Company, is a mercenary company that specializes primarily in warfare and security, although their specialties can fall under other criterias. The company’s goal is to maintain professionalism and set ideals aside, as they don’t discriminate against their employer’s ties so long as the price is right.


Presently, the Obsidian Coterie is headquartered in the city-state of Ul’dah and loosely affiliated with the Immortal Flames.


Heading the company is Commissioner Emmette Stringers, a young woman who once delegated the Obsidian Coterie as part of her family’s trade empire prior to its obtainment by a mysterious magnate known as Lord Tybalt Beone.





If you are interested in joining the Obsidian Coterie, or simply want to know more, you can go to our website for more information.



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Had our first job last night! Things took an interesting turn of events as some information was withheld and others were accused of stealing; all in all, a pretty good night. :D

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