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Off the Record


April 08, 2013

By: Fernehalwes









Just some more doodling on the company walls...or is it!?




Now that’s out of my system, it’s time to move on to some real updates (...or are they!? Okay... I’ll stop now).


In addition to getting the game ready for the upcoming phase 3, it appears the development team is also preparing for another marketing blitz...and that means trailers...and that means we’re back in the recording studio! Lines for the English trailer were taken in Los Angeles, while those for the Japanese trailer were taken in our private studio here at Square Enix headquarters.


I can only assume from all the bottled water, that this talented actress will be playing a drowning sahagin.




Actor: “Help! Let me out of this box! I can’t breathe! Help!”

Director: Nailed it.

Engineer: Had some equipment trouble. Can we get that again?




As always, sound director Masayoshi Soken spent most of his time rambling on about knee-socks...



And this is me, right before recording my big part!




(And by “me,” I mean “not me.”)



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