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Garden of Eden - Open RP Night

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[align=center]Small sheets of paper can be found placed upon the market boards of Gridania, Limsa Lominsa and Uldah. The paper which smells richly of lavender is adorned by long whispy writing, addressing all those whom it manages to grab the attention of:[/align]


[align=center]The Garden of Words[/align]

[align=center]Public Library: Now Open[/align]



For the first time ever, The Garden of words will be formally opening it's doors for all those whom wish to enjoy a night of calm relaxation. Hosted by a small free company ran by a wife and her husband, the bookstore offers a welcoming environment for all those who wish to read, by or trade books and scripture.


All are welcome to attend and there will be no set theme for the night. Come enjoy your surroundings in a well decorated and managed shop for their very first event.



Garden of Words is also currently looking for skilled workers and contacts to join for future events. If interested please speak with Illyriana or Yuri Usagi, the event coordinators. 




Saturday - 4pm pst / 7pm est / 12am gmt




Lavender Beds Ward 1 - Plot #48

(Wildflower Stalls Subdivision Crystal for easy transportation)



Please look forward to more structured events in the future and as always, our doors are always open for visitors or those whom wish to use our library at any time.




1. Please be kind and respectful to both your fellow RPers and our property.

2. We are not a bar, restaurant or cafe and thus will not be serving food or drinks besides the occasional refreshment of the snacks we have placed about the premises. Bar fights or brawls will not be tolerated. 

3. Open Rp in /say /yell and /em are fully welcome but if things get  crowded please tell free to form party chat groups to make your time more enjoyable.

4. If at any point you need a member of our staff to help with an issue, please send us a /tell so we can assist you as quickly as possible.


OOC Notes:

Garden of Words Rank 6 RP FC welcoming both RP members and non-rpers into our ranks. If you would like to join us please reach out to Illyriana or Yuri Usagi!



We are currently looking for RP contacts for:

Librarians, Greeters, Traders and more. If you would be interested in joining our linkshell or FC as a new member of our staff please message us.

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