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Fernehalwes has posted once again on FFXIV's Developer's Blog, and it seems he's up to his usual snooping and trouble-making ways.



April 10, 2013

Hello all.

Fernehalwes here. I was just casually perusing through some of the magazines lying around Yoshi-P's office when...


Hey! What's this cute, cuddly Kuplu Kopo plushie doing─



What do we have here...!?



OMG! White mage confirmed for 2.0 launch!!!!11!!


(What's that? White mage was already confirmed for launch two years ago?)


Uh, well then. Enjoy the first look of this fully rendered Lalafellin white mage on the rear cover of the May 2013 issue (vol. 177) of CGWORLD!




(What's that? What was I doing in Yoshi-P's office in the first place? Erm... Localizing?)


OHMIGOSH White Mage confirmed! Spread the news! Tell the world!



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