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Light and Dark - [Closed]


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The Beginning



“Snow is coming.” He sighed, looking across towards hismate. “We should have been packed and moved on from this place by now.  They will be expecting us home by the end ofthe moon and at this rate, it will be two moons!”  Soga had been ready to leave, though it wasthe frail, but still yet beautiful Hoso that was keeping them there.


“Just one more Sun, then we can leave. I am sorry Soga, butwe’ve come this far.. and to turn back now.. “ Hoso frowned, looking away from the sorrow that reflected in her heart’s eyes for she knew all too well that Soga felt the same pain as she. It had been a foolish endeavor from the start.  Their families had told them itwas fool’s work and that she should have never listened to the traveler.


“As you wish.” He whispered, moving towards her to set uponher shoulders a thick fur.  He couldalready see the first flakes begin to fall, scattering across the dirt floor at the cave’s mouth.  At the very least,they were safe here but no fire could warm them.  They had been told not to build the flamesfor warring Xaela tribes would see the billowing smoke and set upon them.   It hadbeen hard travel for the two Raen, but he was willing to do anything that Hoso asked of him.


The traveler who started it all, a Hyur woman, who had putthe notion into his beloved’s head that she would find what had been lost, if she made the journey.  He hadn’t theheart to forbid her, only hoping that in time their combined sorrow would yet yield a happy fruit. 

As darkness encroached, he held Hoso close to him until shehad fallen asleep.  His own eyes becomingheavy until a sound in the distance jolted him alert.  The cry of War.


Rising from where he had beenresting, he picked up his knives and crept to the mouth of the cave.  He had fallen asleep, for a blanket of freshsnow lay before him.  Blizzard likeconditions were quickly approaching, but he could still hear the cries that laid forth in the distance.


He wondered whether a Xaela tribe had been ambushed byanother, but it would be foolish to find out now.  He would stand vigilant until morning came,then they would have to leave.


The dreams had come to her again during the long night.  The sound of her child crying, her poor littleboy.  Opening her eyes, she could see thebright light of morning already start to ebb away the darkness in her heart.  She could see the silhouette ofher mate standing guard, wondering why he had not slept. “Soga?” She called out to him, rising at last to her feet.  “Shh.”He gestured her forward, telling her to remain quiet as he pointed out towards the white scape. 


Leaning down, he whispered. “Xaela.. they’ve been warringall night.  Though for the past twobells, there has been naught but silence. I think they have gone.” He would take her hands within his own. “Hoso, we can no longer stay here.. it’s become dangerous, we must leave this day.” He had be stern now, for it was their safety that mattered now.  “I’ve already packedeverything and after you’ve had a bit of food in your belly, we can move on.”


She would nod her head, sighing softly as at last thejourney had come to an end.  She wouldreturn home as empty as she had left it. 

Stepping out into the glaring sun, she was amazed at how deep the snowhad fallen and she didn’t look forward to the coming bells of travel.


As the two made their way, Soga kept a watchful ear to theirsurroundings.  Though, only when theypassed fresh blood in the snow did he draw upon his knives.  Some distance ahead, he could see a smallfigure staggering, trudging and sometimes falling before trying to get up once more.   The person was injured andgravely at that, if Soga had to gauge from all the red that blotted the white.  At last, the final fall would notallow the person to their feet.  As Sogaand Hoso drew closer, he could see now that the person was Xaela and female from their size.  She was even smallerthan Hoso, and he thought even that was a rarity.


“Is she dead?” Hoso whispered, looking at the lifeless heapbefore lifting her head to Soga.  “Itlooks like it.. there is no breath upon the wind.” He sighed, not knowing what to do but all the while wanting to continue. 

“I’ll check to be sure.” Stooping down at the female’s side, he rolledher over gently only to see that indeed the light had gone from her eyes.  She had been holding tightly to a parcel,still clutched in her arms.  “Looks likeshe bled out.” He whispered as he managed to pull the heavily bundled parcel free.  Sudden movement from within made him nearlydrop it, then the sound of a muffled cry brought Hosa to his side.


Carefully, he soon revealed what this female had been tryingto protect: Her child.  By the looks ofit, it couldn’t have been more than a moon old. 

Sparse ebon hairs stuck out from it’s head, along with the tender blackscales that announced its heritage.  “Giveher to me.” Hosa outstretched her hands, taking the child into her arms as she looked at Soga. “We can go home now.” 

There was no questioning what Hosa meant, for she had already claimedthe child as her own. 


Soga looked back down at the dead body of the Mother,thanking her silently for the gift she had given them both.  He had buried his son, but this Xaela hadgiven he and Hosa hope once more in the form of a daughter.


At last, when their journey had ended and they were oncemore within the borders of their own lands, he finally asked her. “What shall we call her?”  With a smile, she held thechild dearly in her arms and whispered. “We shall call her Miyuki Sute…. For she was a foundling in deep snow.”

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