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Hello all!


Fernehalwes here.


I’m assuming many of you caught the 6th Producer Letter Live, but for those of you who didn't, here’s a link to the section that created the most buzz─the magitek mounts!



Supposedly, the idea for this sample video came the day before the performance. Yoshi-P, wanting something utterly epic, came to one of the event planners (we’ll call him ‘H’), and gave him a list of demands:


- There must be three riders

- They must be traversing a snowy mountain trail

- The girl must look like a former imperial soldier suffering from amnesia who is being controlled by the Empire with a Slave Crown


Et cetera.


Luckily, H was up to the challenge, and despite the lack of prep time, was able to whip up a fairly faithful recreation of a “certain” classic RPG’s opening scene. Right down to their imperial uniforms!


She looks awfully familiar...




Could this be...Biggs?




Making this...Wedge?




And then there’s this shot which didn’t make it into the final video...




Now THAT brings back memories...



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