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Hopefully it's okay to announce this here, if not, let me know I'll understand. 


I will be beginning a livestream/podcast about role playing in MMO's starting this Sunday at 5PM CST over at https://www.twitch.tv/rpmmoradio.  


While I am currently playing and RPing in FF14 it won't be focused just on RP there but rather what it is like to do it in MMO's  as a genre as opposed to table top RP stuff.  I've been RPing in games for over a decade now as has one of the other hosts of the show and another newer RPer with only a few years of doing so.


We're looking to be entertaining and informative and given there seems to be very few RP podcasts the focus on MMO's (None that I could find that weren't single game focused) hopefully you'll give us a shot.


So, please feel free to tune in this Sunday and I and the rest of the crew hope to see you there!


Thanks for your time! ^_^

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Today's the day!  For anyone not watching the Superbowl (Who programed this show anyway?  Geez, way to think ahead!) tune in at 5 CST on twitch or visit www.rpmmoradio.com for links to the podcast.   If you have something you'd like to say or questions to ask you can email the show at [email protected] and we'll read it on future episodes.


We're just going to introduce ourselves and talk about why would anyone bother to RP in a game and what people get out of it.  Hope to see you there :)

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Good King Mooglemog day!


We'll be doing a live episode today at 6 CST at twitch.tv/RPMMOradio and talking about Trolls!  Not those trolls, but the kind that interrupt RP and try to ruin our fun.  Tune in live or join us on the podcast later at iTune or Googeplay.  


Happy April Fools everyone... except for that one Moogle... he knows who he is.

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