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The Iron Wolves >>IRON<<


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[align=center]The Iron Wolves is a newly reformed and steadily growing RP/PvE/P Free Company on the Mateus server. The focus of the FC is to establish an independent and powerful force of martially inclined individuals that will take contracts from private and public parties all across Hydaelyn. This is only the surface, though, the main drive is family and camaraderie among the Wolves, themselves. It is a society of fighters and glory-seekers that follow their own code and make their own way together. Their draw to others is their willingness to take no side and their inability to be bribed; they take all clients who can afford them with money or perhaps even a powerful favor but this is to stay fed and keep a roof over their heads, their main aim is to be the best, the strongest, the fastest, and the smartest fighters in the known world while they pursue their goals of becoming living legends![/align]


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