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Merciful Wind -



    Deep in the Twelveswood, not far from Baelsar’s Wall, is an area of the Shroud collectively referred to as the Twelvestowns, a collection of villages that live at peace with the elementals and the environment, getting along much as they always have since before the Calamity, even if things have been tougher for them since the great disaster. Linked to each other and the rest of Eorzea by the aetherites, these towns form a happy little community of trade and day to day life in the City-State of Gridania. With recent happenings however, these everyday people have now found themselves caught between the aggressions of Garlean Empire and the actions of the misguided Ala Mhigan Resistance. That is where we, the Merciful Wind, will stand up. The wind heals, or the wind can howl and rip.






    We may appear a ragtag bunch of adventurers, and perhaps we are, but we are made from brave souls who will not allow the commonfolk to be trampled in the schemes and battles of the greater powers. We stand to preserve not only their lives, but the way they live. We are combat veterans, and spirited hopefuls who are learning the ways of spell and steel, but we are not only this. We are skilled healers and doctors, blending magic with mundane herbs and natural healing for the best results and the least drain of the lifestream. We are skilled crafters that can help to rebuild and reinforce, able to add much needed relief supplies without upsetting the balance of the local ecology. We are scholars and tribals and people from the dirty streets. We are from the upper echelons of society, and we are refugees from places already pillaged by Garlemald. We believe that what you do is more important than what you are or where you’re from.



    You may find a place here with us. More importantly, you may find home and family.






    The Merciful Wind Free Company is a new Free company formed in Gridania. Our premise is a resistance cell standing against the evils of the Garlean Empire. We are newly formed, but we are saving our gil to buy an FC house, with current expectations for that being the release of Stormblood. However, if it happens for us sooner, we will jump on it.


    We are an RP focused group, with most of our people being medium to heavy RPers, however, we do still enjoy content and will run it as a group from time to time if possible. Our plots are kept in the smaller scale by preference, and we will be telling our story with lore based concepts, and non-world shattering adventures. When not out messing with Garleans, we enjoy casual RP in Hyrstmill, and social/slice-of-life style events. We are currently recruiting by application to our forums, but we are going to be attentive to our size, as we don’t want to get big enough where we don’t know each other.


    We have a linkshell for IC communications and the running of events and keep the buffs we have up so our members can benefit from them. We also use Discord for both voice and typed OOC shenanigans. We do sometimes have a stronger darkness rating than many FCs, and as such our recruitment is players ages 18 and up.

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Merciful Wind is still recruiting and is doing well so far. We’ve established ourselves in Hyrstmill as our base of operations. We have done several recon missions against an encroaching rogue band of garleans that are trying to establish a base in the area. Taking out a fuel depot of ceruleum fuel our band of brave adventurers were able to bend earth and force the impending explosion towards the sea and away from the surrounding area. To keep it from harming the area.


There was also a medium sized garlean corvette cruiser that the group was able to sneak onto aboard a couple of stolen resource gathering skiffs. And then waylaid the crew through a surprise attack. And rescue many of the capture conscripts on board the vessel. Including a few new members that joined the crew. And a few family members that had been captured during a raid previously. That ship however did not make it and was sunk from the skies into the nearby sea leaving the rogue garlean force with one less ship for themselves.


There was another group of to be conscripts that were rescued and joined the crew that the WIND group was able to rescue from the garleans as well.


WIND has also been visiting the nearby villages around Hyrstmill, Greenleaf village was one and making themselves known as a group that can aid the villages if things need done. In Greenleaf they were clearing dead foliage to help keep the area cleared for the coming dry season. They had a festival for this by burning all the dead foliage in an effigy in the middle of town. WIND was able to be there for this festival and celebrate this with them.


Please seek us out here if you wish to join us on our furthered missions. And beyond as we eventually travel into Othard.

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