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Incunabulum «INK»


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  1. [align=center]an early printed book, especially one printed before 1501.[/align]




[align=center]Integrity | Nobility | Knowledge[/align]


          The Incunabulum is a sanctuary.



[align=justify]          Where other establishments will turn away those seeking to better themselves and to better the world around them, the Incunabulum will take those in need of shelter and guidance. Those with a criminal past, or those with no viable skills, and all between may find a place in the ranks of the Incunabulum, and under the watch of the Curator. That is, provided they don't cause too much trouble. Fame and fortune await the lucky soul that steps into the Library.



          Here, there is no challenge that cannot be overcome by the collective efforts of the institution known as the Incunabulum. There is no riddle that cannot be solved. There is no obstacle that cannot be worked around, or over. In the end, the challenge may better both us, and the world surrounding. The knowledge we share of the past will shape the future, in that their mistakes will not be repeated.



[align=justify]          Take nothing at its face value. There is always something more. 








OOC: The Incunabulum is a rank 8 RP FC with a medium plot, and an activity-promoting setup. Every person who seeks to join INK should have the chance to develop their character individually, and to develop the group in unique ways. This is a contribution-based FC in which the members determine their own activity most times. That means that people who sit around and wait for RP to come to them won't be a good fit among the ranks of INK. FC members are encouraged to start their own plots, both FC-wide and character-specific, and participate in the company's MSQ and individual events as they are able.



IC: The Incunabulum appeared some months ago, led by a woman known by nothing other than the name of 'The Curator'. The title of Curator has since been passed on, but the leader of the company promises adventure to those who wish it, or a simpler job to those who fancy research and organization.

     They also will accept students in search of teachings, as those of Reclamation are at times more than willing to share their abundant knowledge.










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[align=center]>>SUBMIT A LEVE HERE<<



In the upstairs room of the Incunabulum's home rests a stone statuette of a raven. In its beak, a set of papers detailing various tasks rest. You swear you saw it move out of the corner of your eye. You swear you saw its eye glow, if but for a moment! How it balances on only one foot like that, you cannot fathom. There was a crow statuette just like it outside the Adventurer's Guild the other day.[/align]



[align=left]This crow figurine -- named Toto -- gathers jobs from all over. FC members and non-FC members may both submit jobs, which are cycled out on Sunday evening weekly. If whoever submitted the leve wishes to participate and they are outside the FC, they're welcome to! We want to encourage activity in the FC with people inside and out of INK's ranks. Got something you need done involving magic, ancient knowledge, ruins, or books? We're the folks for the job! We are open to submissions!


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I might be interested in joining. Needing a new rp group and this one sounds about where my char would feel comfortable. I'm not on the game as much as I use to be due to RL and Destiny but I can make efforts to be on more :)


Also, if I join I do have a house that can be used for things :)

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          May has been a doozy with a lot of news and updates to share here for «INK», and we're pretty excited about all of them out here in the FC. First and foremost, let's kick it all off with what has to be the crown jewel of all the recent happenings. The FC's own musical theme!


[align=center]7zNLdwdkkfw [/align]


          Done by the incredible

Fox Amoore, the theme is finally finished, and it's an absolute treat to listen to. I personally can't stop looping it, and the journey to its completion was an amazing one. Please check him and our theme out-- both are fantastic, or your money back.


          Next up, «INK» has managed to procure an FC house! We're eager to start RP and events run out of the new place, at Goblet Ward 4, Plot 8. It's very nicely situated, and a medium plot, meaning that we'll likely be calling the place home for a long time to come. Everyone loves it, and applications have spiked since we acquired and started to advertise with it. Come have a look, or maybe even move in!


          The company's MSQ ought to be starting up again soon, and a recent expedition into the depths of Thanalan has resulted in the recovery of a relic that only the Incunabulum knows much about. The Amdapor relic has proven to be a hit, and it isn't going to be the first neat plot around. There are a number of plots starting off of the leve system, which roleplayers both in and out of the FC are welcome to submit to! Don't be afraid to make a suggestion if you want to RP with us, but aren't sure about wanting to join just yet. 


          Last but not least (okay, maybe a little least after that theme announcement), «INK» has welcomed not one, not two, but six new members into its ranks in the last few weeks! Recruitment is still open, but activity is definitely on the rise around here.

          Care about recruitment? Check out our neat new recruitment flyer, too! It's not really that big a deal, but hey, if you like cool art, it's here for you. Always. Waiting.

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[align=center]>> TOWN OF ALLAG || INCUNABULUM BANQUET <<[/align]

[align=center]>> 6/11 @ 12PM PST || Goblet W4 P8[/align]


     The Incunabulum is hosting its first public event, and that is a mafia-themed game. The Incunabulum is celebrating its success as a new company by hosting a banquet, with a piece of reclaimed Allagan technology with the ability to augment reality.With simulated surroundings, the celebration ought to be a lively one.



          >> At least, until the first murder.



Character deaths will not be permanent, as they will be within the augmented realm created by the Allagan tech. Your character may be selected by the corrupted Allagan AI as the murderer. If you are, try and be discreet! If you would rather not be chosen, you’re welcome to decline.


     We're running a public event finally, y'all! Hope to see you there! (And hope it's good enough to make y'all want to come back for a second round.)

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          There's been a lot of shuffling around, but we're still here, and we're still strong! The Incunabulum has, in the last couple of weeks, been deciding on running more public events from here on, we've remodeled our house, and we've taken a brief hiatus for the expansion. But, I do have a couple of important announcements to put here, so I'll get right to it!


          The first update: We've moved our site! Enjin turned out to be real expensive, and once we let our sub run out, it basically locked all our stuff behind the impassable barrier of "delete everything or pay us". So, we now are on Shivtr! Frankly, I like the layout and functionality on Shivtr better than Enjin, so moving ended up being great (if a little confusing, because most of the tutorials on setting up Shivtr are out of date by a few years). 


          Next update: The INK house has been remodeled! It was very cramped before, and was generally decorated with a very, very poor usage of space. Now that it's been repurposed and made into a more usable space, it's open for drop-in RP, or for a venue! If you'd like to use a library for your RP purposes, or turn in a leve for us in character, feel free to swing by or use Goblet, Ward 4, Plot 8. (I'm posting this as we redecorate, so maybe wait a day or two, but we are open for public venue usage!)


          Last but not least, the company's MSQ is hitting off again soon, so join while you can! We're delving into a labyrinth beneath Coerthas in two weeks (07/15, roughly), filled with danger, puzzles, magic, and a special twist -- but that one's a DM secret. We're entering the third segment of the labyrinth soon, so get in before it's too late! The last few will be a wild ride.

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