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Hi, all! I've decided to open up commissions to help supplement mine and my husband's gaming habit. After having a baby, we quickly discovered all of our dedicated 'fun' funds have gone into our little Ifrit's well being and enjoyment. So, that being said, I'd like to do a few commissions to help our finances out and take some of the burden off of my husband. I'm only opening up busts at this time as I'm in school full time and take care of the little one who may or may not cooperate with me on a daily basis. If I find I have more time, I'll happily open up Waist Up and Full Body commissions in the future. Below are examples, prices and an RP special because why not! Thank you for your interest and support! *hugs*



(Forgive for all of the links on the examples. I couldn't figure out how to work the 'spoiler tag' thing.)



Everyday Prices:



Sketch - Blank or Colored:

One Character - $10

Additional Character - $5

Detailed Background - $5

Simple Solid, Gradient or Handmade Paper Background included in the Sketch price


Example: Colored Sketch with Detailed Background


Lineart - Blank or Colored:

One Character - $25

Additional Character - $15

Detailed Background - $10

Simple Solid or Gradient Background included in the Lineart price


Example: Colored Lineart


Portrait (Digital Painting):

One Character - $50

Additional Characters - $25

Detailed Background - $15

Simple Solid or Gradient Background included in the Portrait price


Example: Portrait with Solid Background

Current WIP for extra examples


To Order:

Please use the Commission Request Form on my tumblr page (fillees.tumblr.com) or follow this link to order. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message here, on my Tumblr or at [email protected]


*** Current Special: Street Sketch!***

If you would like to order a Sketch with the Homemade Paper Background and are on the Balmung (FFXIV) or Ebon Hawke (SWTOR) servers, an RP can be included at no cost. Myself or a dear friend would be willing to RP drawing the piece as if your character stumbled upon a street vendor in the streets of Ul'dah, Gridania, Limsa or Ishguard OR on the Imperial or Republic Fleet. Please make note of this request under either the Additional Character Details or Questions and Comments section on the order form. We will contact you via the email given about possible times to conduct this RP. I do ask for patience as we both have lives outside the game but we will do what we can to set up the RP as soon as your sketch is finished so it can be delivered to your character as well as you.


Relevant Links:

Tumblr : fillees.tumblr.com

More Art Examples: http://fillees.tumblr.com/tagged/FilleesArt

Commission Pricing: http://fillees.tumblr.com/pricing

Commission Terms of Service: http://fillees.tumblr.com/termsofservice

Commission Request Form: http://fillees.tumblr.com/RequestForm

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