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just saying hello

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This is long overdue I'm actually quite excited to be here. I'm an old FF fan since the days of the NES and am really happy to be here. I'm also quite giddy over the FFVI love the game is getting. I've been rping in mmos since the days of Everquest and have always been curious about the rp in the FF mmorpg community. Honestly I've been quite impressed with what I've seen and experienced so far, so I'm just saying hello. I promise to give the best rp experience I can give to everyone as I love to entertain people with my characters.


*Bows* thanks


And by the way is there an IC introduction thread for characters? I seem not to be able to find it. Oh and is there a server the community will be using for rp at the moment?

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Hello! Welcome to the community! Please feel free to ask us more questions, and we will gladly answer them.


To answer your first question, no there is not an IC introduction thread, but you should feel free to place your character's information and some player details down in the Player Directory. We also have a wonderful Wiki for you to post up character profiles and details. The link is there at the top. ^ ^


Looking forward to seeing you in ARR, have fun out there!


- Yssen

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Could it be possible to have a IC thread for our characters? I'd be willing to put up a format if it gets stickied?


And is there a server that everyone will be playing on? I'm sure even in the prelaunch some of us wouldn't mind hanging together and saying hello?


Hi and welcome to the RPC!


Because of NDA we are not allowed to disclose anything regarding the beta servers and what have you. But I'll just... put this... here... -> :tonberry:


I'm not really sure what you mean by IC thread for your characters. We have plenty of IC RP threads, but the vast majority of RPers here do not forum RP (though feel free to try and start a thread!)

As Yssen mentioned, most people will go to the Player Directory or the Wiki for character information, though this is all classified as OOC information.


I hope this answers your question!

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