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Uruvion Firelight, a duskwight Elezen White Mage, was upearly this morning. He walked from the bed to a mirror. Looking at himself, turning his head from side to side to make sure he looked presentable. He raised his hand to brush a few silvery blue locks of hair behind his ear before putting on his robes and heading out to the docks of Limsa Lominsa. Most people who saw him would describe him as effeminate, and strikingly beautiful.


 He had been invited to join the Knights of the Barracuda on one of their ships sailing from the harbor. He had recently helped a number of their ranks when they returned from a mission with several wounded soldiers lying on the docks, pulling them from the cold hand of death but not before asking them what they wanted to live for and afterwards, he was asked to join them.


“We’re too late!” One person shouted from the deck. Uruvion walked over to look over the side of the ship, seeing the scattered remains of a pirate ship floating in the water. Bodies were floating in the water, and also on pieces of the broken ship.  A white mages ability to sense the life energy left in someone’s body, and how long they had to live, was a fundamental principle in the school of white magic.


Uruvion looked at the bodies floating on the debris of the ship, his eyes widened as he saw a small child, barely alive, hanging on to a barrel in the water. “Get him up here!” he said, pointing to the boy.


“But..He’s one of them” One deckhand said, referring to the pirate ship wreckage around them.  If looks could kill that day. Uruvion shot the deckhand a look that required no further resistance, as the other soldiers started to lower the small boats into the water to retrieve the boy.  Uruvion drew the small wand from his waist, casting a regen spell on the boy to ensure he would make it until he was safely on board.


As soon as he was on board, he was placed on the deck. He was breathing but it was weak. Uruvion quickly started to cast healing spells on the boy until he felt that he was no longer at risk of dying.  He slowly stood up, coughing as he looked at what he considered his captors. By Uruvion’s orders he was taken below deck, given dry clothes and food.


Some men on board saw this as kindness; others saw it as anact of treason. The Elezen didn’t know where he stood with the ship’s crew, and he didn’t much care.

As soon as they returned to Limsa Lominsa the boy was set free. He wasn’t interrogated about his former ships’ intentions or crew.


Uruvion stood on the docks while the sun set over the sea.The wind was blowing his hair and robe gently as he looked over the horizon. Closing his eyes, he was remembering the battlefields years ago.


Ground burned and fire in the skies, the white mage Uruvion came upon the fallen soldiers. “Gods be praised!” they shouted from the ground where they had fallen, wounded and dying as they saw the healer approach.  He had been watching them for some time and had seen their actions. He looked down at them through silvery locks of hair that hung in his face. He didn’t move, and they didn’t know why. Hesitation from a healer on the field of battle was rare. “W..What are you waiting for?” the soldiers cried through winces of pain.




“Gods be praised…”  the Elezen repeated softly, closing his eyes.




“The gods, they have sent you to us! Now heal us!” the soldiers yelled back.



“I watched you… you enjoyed torturing and butchering those Garlean soldiers. One was a boy of only 17 years. He was enlisted in the military by force and you laughed as he cried for mercy. Now you cry for it. How ironic. The boy is now safely behind enemy lines and recovering.” He said, opening his eyes to look at the soldiers. Uruvion used some of his magic to scan their bodies, assessing wounds and calculating how long they had to live.



“You praise the gods, perhaps one of them will come down to save you. You seem to have enough faith in them.” His expression never changed through his time with the soldiers. “You have 5 minutes left.”




Again, they pleaded. “Please!Save us!”




Uruvion plucked the small wand from his waist, beginning to cast a spell to the relief of the fallen soldiers. They smiled as they looked at each other, they would live to fight again.



“As you wish..”  Uruvion said as he continued casting the spell.



A pillar of light appeared between the three wounded soldiers. Three orbs of light swirled around the pillar and quickly met in the middle, creating an explosion of holy energy, disintegrating the soldiers. Before one perished, he cried one more time into the field of death. “Halone!” was his last word. He cried to the god of war with no response before he was gone.



Uruvion’s actions through the years had earned him the nickname “Judge”. He healed who he thought deserved it, even if it was an Imperial soldier and if there was any misdeed in his eyes, he would deliver swift punishment. In some lands he was considered a savior and welcomed, in others he was branded as a traitor and there were posters of bounties for his capture.  He did have a definite quality. He would always save children, because, in his eyes, they were innocent. No matter what they had done, they could be redeemed. That’s how he saw it, anyway.

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