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Little Lilies Day

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[ltr]What is Little Lilies Day?


Little Lilies Day is inspired of course by Little Ladies Day. Silver Lily has decided to give to the children of Eorzea. The orphans, the mothers-to-be, and the hard-working men and women whom are called “mama and papa” on a daily basis are our target audience for this day.


On this day, we ask orphans, former orphans, expecting mothers, parents, grandparents, and everyone else in between to visit the Silver Lily Estate for a day of education, fun and of course, food!


Any and all proceeds, donations or gifts shall be accordingly given to orphanages, infirmaries, educational facilities and other groups who assist children in the realm.


When is Little Lilies Day?


Little Lilies Day will take place March 12th starting at 8PM EST and will run until roughly Midnight.

Where is Little Lilies Day?


Little Lilies Day will take place at the Silver Lily Estate, Lavender Beds, Ward 6, Plot 1


Any and all donations (OOC or IC) are appreciated! Silver Lily thanks you both for your donation and for contributing to our goal of helping our realm. Together with your help, we are a step closer to a better realm.[/ltr]

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I'm really awful at taking screenshots, but I managed a few and a gif! Thanks to everyone who came out! It was a small gathering, but everyone was very helpful, supportive, and awesome! We look forward to doing something better next year for Little Ladies Day, but for now, please stay tuned for our next event in roughly two months!!


Thanks again!



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