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Edelweiss <<VIII>>


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Edelweiss is a new free company getting started on Balmung. Get in on the ground floor and help us build a robust community. We are currently Rank 5 with the Heat of Battle exp buff for leveling.


We plan to have an endgame progression team to be able to experience new content as we get closer to the Stormblood release. We are working towards buying a house. We are also a home for friendly roleplayers, levelers, crafters, and newbies.


New roleplayers are welcome.


We have discord. 


18+ content.


To apply send a mail to Sye Syrlia, please include:

Main combat job:

Do you roleplay?:

Do you craft/gather? If so what?:

How long have you been playing FFXIV?:

How long have you been playing MMOs?:

What content would you like to see?:

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