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Library of Eld [Mateus]

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The Library of Eld is, in its base form, designed for its namesake. A building and organization for the collection, preservation, restoration and sharing of knowledge to the general public. Though to anyone who gives a closer view, there is much more to its practices than what is apparent.



Though still a massive work in progress, this FC is meant for those character types of a more magical, scholarly, or intellectual interest as well as holding a morally ambiguous stance in regards to the peoples of Eorzea. As such, business of even questionable sorts is rumored to take place beneath the surface of the Library, allowing and encouraging more mature themes that may not be touched upon.



As I said previously, though, this is a massive WIP and I'm not sure how long it will take to sort out the details and better establish it. Its RP focus will not be on events, but a theme and area meant to cater to a specific set of archetypes to fulfill those more interested in impromptu sessions and stories that can grow without the need of scheduled, prerequisite times.



I'm almost always open to suggestion and help in that regard, however, while I sort out the details. Feel free to message me!

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