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Outriders <<OR-RP>>


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[align=center]The Outriders[/align]

[align=center]Adventuring on a Budget![/align]

Having trouble finding guards for your merchant caravan’s last dozen miles by the Castrum Meridianum, but you want to watch your bottom line? Maybe you’ve got some pesky monsters digging up your farmland and some farmers who want it back? The Outriders are a licensed and due-paying Maelstrom Free Company with a focus on hard work and low costs.


Some Free Companies only accept one or two contracts at a time, putting their men to work once a month or less. Our Adventurers are working round the clock with combat experience in the snow, sand, and rain! We offer many negotiable payment plans for those who can’t quite afford an Adventurer this month, but need one right now.


[align=center]NO JOB REFUSED OUTRIGHT. [/align]

[align=center]FREE QUOTES.[/align]

[align=center]Ask about our Curse Specialist![/align]


What have previous Employers said about us?

 “Good Enough” - The Broken wHorse bar and sleepery

    “Hard working and on time!” - North Uldah Construction

“Do not hire S’Seri Loh,” - The Crawford Brothers.

[align=center]“The Mute one’s got this hot bitch thing going on” - Unsolicited Xaela[/align]

“The freaky banana-Miqote needs a bath.” - A Concerned Citizen

    “The Red miqote’s single!” - Unrelated Source

“The Tia’s are single. Bewarey.” -Anonymous

“Their work was exceptional for adventurers! Most of our things were not broken! We would hire them to get rid of the Vath Aegir again!” - The Vath Adventuring Company



[align=center]Who are the Outriders (OR-RP)?[/align]


The Outriders is a Heavy RP Balmung based company. We are a small company of extremely poor adventurers, surviving from one contract to the next. We have a great sense of humor, a love of puns, odd characters and a slice-of-life attitude to our work. With multiple GM’s running stories during the week, it’s easy to find an RP hook. Our company tends to be Lawful Good/Neutral Good in practice, but our personalities are diverse and inclusive. If you're interested, you can contact me here, in game as N'aomi Kett or on discord as Amanda#7359


*Application Coming Soon!*

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[align=center]THE LIGHTHOUSE TAVERN[/align]



[align=center]The Outriders are at it again, hosting their monthly bar night, the Lighthouse Tavern! Stop by this saturday (3/25/2017) at 8 pm to enjoy a casual atmosphere, lovely music and delecious drinks. This month's theme is pirates! Or specifically, the pirate's favorite drink, rum![/align]


[align=center]The Outriders will have a plethora of rum available and two special rum-based drinks![/align]


[align=center]Ishgardian Hot Buttered Rum: [/align]

[align=center]A warm dark rum drink with a combination of winter spices, vanilla, brown sugar and of course butter. This is sure to warm even the coldiest of Ishgardian hearts.[/align]


[align=center]Yaka Hula Hickey Dula: [/align]

[align=center]A mouthfull, sure, but once you try this drink you'll be asking for more! A cool drink mixed with rum, dry vermouth and pineapple juice, this tropical drink will get you ready for summer![/align]


[align=center]Stop on by to the Lighthouse Tavern, Mist Ward 1 Plot 60,  to enjoy these drinks and more![/align]

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[align=center]The Night Of Fools![/align]



[align=center]Stop on by the Lighthouse Tavern this sunday (4/2/2017) for The Night Of Fools! Fellow company member Sayuri Kanno is hosting a bar night at The Lighthouse Tavern! Impress us with your jokes, puns or outfit and recieve a free drink![/align]


[align=center]More information below![/align]



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Attention! This Sunday at 7 pmest the Outriders, Knights of Eorzea and Hydaelyn Protecters will be doing a joint competion! Join in on the tournament to see who has the best fighters! Afterwards (or before) the leaders of each respected free company will give a quick lesson on their fighting styles. Don't miss it this Sunday (4/9/2017) at 7 pm est at the Summerford Farms!

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[align=center]The Hunt For the Nucklavee [/align]

[align=center]UPDATE *4/5/2017*[/align]

The Fight is on! The Outriders, combined with the extra help from Byahta's Adventures, are facing off against the Nucklavee! Finding the creature in Coerthos, the team is split up into two, the air team and the ground team. Mid-battle the two got seperated by a frecious storm!


The air team suffered minor casualties. Sustaining only minor frostbite and ship damage, the storm had subsided and the two teams are reunited...

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[align=center]UPDATE [/align]



The Black House: The Outrider's newest case takes them deep into Coerthos wastelands to investigate the mysterious deaths of a family. Was it done by the father's own hand or something more sinister?


The Joint Tournament: The Outriders, Knights of Eorzea and Hydaelyn Proctectors joined together in a night of fun and rivalry as they battled it out to see who this month's champion will be. Even though none of the Outrider's won, they still had a strong showing.


[align=left]The Hunt for the Nucklavee: This offically closed! With the combined force of Byahta's Ventures and The Outriders the Nucklavee was taken down in an exposion of fire and ice. This creature will no longer be a bane to Ishgard!


[align=center]NEW MEMBERS[/align]

[align=center] And a big welcome to the newest additions to the Outriders: Sayuri Kanno, T'rahven Tia and Rethyn Avagnar! Their profiles will be added soon to the member's list.[/align]


[align=center]The Outriders are still recruting, if you are intested please click the link for our website and apply!   [/align]

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The Black House: There was a break in the case! While exploring the abandon house in Coerthos they found a secret room fileld with smuggled goods. The investigation takes the Outriders to the sunny shores of Costa Del Sol.


Training Night: The Newest recruits went through their first training night with Naomi! Who knew pushing a rock could be so mentally taxing?


Worm Hunt: The Outriders newest recruits got their first taste of victory when slaying a giant worm in Sagollii desert! 

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The Black House: The Investigation ended on a bittersweet note. The Outriders learning what happened to the murdered roe and his family. Though the investigation ended on a somber note, it seemed some outriders got a few new fans. 


Raptor Rumble: The last monster hunt the Outriders had. It seemed that a giant raptor and its pack was disrupting the shroud, and Outriders and friends were dispatched to stop them. While they were victorious some came out battered and bruised while another got a new pet...


Memories of Ash: The newest O'byahta's Venture investigation. This takes the Outriders and O'byahta Ventures to the far north of Coerthos, where a mysterious door stands. Rumors around the doors did not prepare the group for a literal battle between Dusk and Dawn.


[align=center]Newest Members[/align]

[align=center]The Outriders welcome Shadow Souveme to the group! [/align]

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