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Amnesic's Characters and RP

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I. Basic Info


  • Characters: “Cotton” Fe’lanah, the Vagrant; Rhett, the Duke of the Isles; Myrrh Redleaf, the Moral Bandit
  • Primary character: I swap between all of them.
  • Linkshells: None.
  • Primary RP linkshell: None.


II. RP Style


  • Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy):
    I usually sway between medium and heavy, but recently I have really only been roleplaying on the RPC here. I usually like to stray away from having too many OOC break-ins during my roleplay.
  • Views on RP combat and injuries:
    Sure, why not? My characters for FFXIV are not really combat-oriented, but should the situation comes to it, I will roll with it. As long as you let me know to what ends you hope to get to with it and we make some fair trades in the fight, I will have no problem. Of course, as it stands, you only have really one choice for a fair fight, because otherwise your character will be attacking adolescents.
  • Views on character thoughts:
    In-game: I do not mind what you do, but I never do it in-game or in any faster paced RP session.
    On the Forums: I do it sometimes, mostly with Rhett, but I do not give all that much away. I keep the information slightly vague, as if it is a passage from a book that you do not exactly know the exposition to.
  • Views on IC romance:
    To admit it, I am quite the hopeless romantic and most of what I listen to or read is highly related to love. As result, romance tends to be one of my favorite things in RP and they take realistic time to warm up to people. I prefer to avoid medium to heavy sexual themes in my romance, but that does not mean it is always “sickly sweet and Disney-esque”. But, I do like that kind of love story as well.
  • Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc):
    These things are perfectly fine with me, but a lot of discussion is going to have to be made if you want to be a family member of my characters because a lot of their story has to deal with their relatives and old friends. On other games, I actually had quite a few characters that would have been nice to have some family members, but the roleplay never really got around to those.
  • Views on lore:
    I stick to the lore as often as possible, but I do bend the malleable areas and create my own lore in the grey areas if I have to. I’m not exactly a lore wizard, but I do quite a lot of research before I release any idea.
  • Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc):
    In-Game: I tend to prefer using /say and /em for IC things, I tend to use LS and FC chat as either a source of question help or other general OOC things.
    On Forum: I stick to quotation marks for my dialogue, and any change in language will be done with italics, < >, parentheses, and rarely, bold.


III. Other Info

  • Country: United States
  • Timezone: EST or UTC-5, something like that.
  • Contact info: Just message on the forums, I check every day after all.

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[align=center]Here's some brief overviews of my characters (mostly what would go on their wiki) just so you can get the idea of them. I am currently working on a wiki page, but I'm holding off on releasing it until I get a satisfactory drawing done.


"Cotton" Fe'lanah (No known surname)-

Race: Miqo'te

Nicknames: Fay, Fee, or "Cotton" to some.

Clan: Keeper of the Moon, ethnically, but appears similar to a Seeker of the Sun.

Age: Somewhere in late adolescence.

Nationality: Unsure.

Citizenship: None as far as she's aware.

Usual Region: Thanalan, Ul'dah.

Profession/Occupation: Basic survival, maybe?


Bio: Originally from here: Original Page- Slightly Outdated


Cotton simply has no idea how she ever got to Eorzea, or exactly what some of the things are that she sees here. Suffering from amnesia of a rare kind, she cannot remember a single thing about who she used to be, or even some general things about the world. Her only memories are her waking up alone somewhere in the Thanalan deserts and what little she has experienced in the last few days. She formed her name out of whatever sounded nice for her to say and with little knowledge about clan naming. Affiliated only with herself and equipped with nothing but a few beaten tools she had found nearby, she has simply been aimlessly wandering the world and living off the land.


Personality wise, Cotton tends to be quite relaxed and carefree aside from occasionally having a bad habit for getting jealous of others. Painful emotions surface when she thinks too much about her amnesia and it often causes her to be depressed when the topic is mentioned too often. On the other side of her personality, she adamantly refuses anything she did not make or earn herself. As a result of the latter, she dislikes money and carries nary even a single piece of gil on her person.


You might know something about her if:

- You spend a lot of time in the Thanalan deserts.





Duke Rhett, of the Isles -

Race: Midlander Hyur

Nicknames: Duke Rhett or Marquis Rhett.

Age: Ranges about thirty, at a guess.

Nationality: Claims "the Isles".

Citizenship: Owns a valid citizenship in all major Eorzean cities.

Usual Region: Anywhere, preference in Limsa Lominsa, Ul'dah, and Gridania.

Profession/Occupation: Seems to be nothing.


The rest currently needs to be condensed, but I will leave a link to his original discussion page. It is a little out of date as well.

Original Page


You might know something about him if:

- You are possibly a business partner. (Contact me first about this, though.)

- You are actually from the "Isles" as well. (This obviously needs contact first.)

- You likely know something if you keep up with aristocracy news.





Myrrh Linnea Redleaf

Race: Midland Hyur

Nicknames: Myrrhie, Deft-fingers

Age: Around sixteen and a half.

Citizenship: Qualifies as Gridanian.

Nationality: Gridanian.

Usual Region: The Shroud, Gridania itself.

Profession/Occupation: Hunting and Banditry


On the surface, all that anyone would usually see is a simple, charming Hyur girl with a cheerful attitude and a long ponytail of hair that reaches down to her lower back. Her clothing is generally a little old and usually takes the form of high-boots, a long and wide skirt, and usually a blouse of some kind and she always excuses the oldness being that they are hand-me-downs from her older sister. Often, she can be found either hunting small game with a shortbow or wandering the forests, but sometimes she shows up in Gridania. Of course, the appearance is not exactly everything when it comes to a person;

Myrrh is no exception.


This blithe facade hides many secrets, and one of them will likely arise in the place that your wallet used to be. Hardened and supposedly driven by a habit, Myrrh more than often will swipe anyone’s gilpurse and will make a very swift getaway if she has to. Pickpocketing is not all; shoplifting and burglary are all within her skillset and she is much smarter than she tends to act. News of her tends to be unlikely rumor and the local enforcement do not release all too much, presumably because she’s never been caught. Because of this, a civilian would likely only know of her from rumor or experience. Anyone who has studied her closely would have to ask the question “Is there a reason for her dishonest ways and habits?”


You might know something about her if:

- You work on the criminal underground of the Shroud.

- She has actually stolen from you or your store.

- You work on the higher end of the local law enforcement.





Catharine Mella Bethune

Race: Midland Hyur

Nicknames: Missy, Cathy, Melly

Age: 30 years old, give or take a few months.

Citizenship: Limsa Lominsan

Nationality: Limsa Lominsa

Usual Region: Her clinic in the lower decks of Limsa.

Profession/Occupation: Freelance Physician, Contract Nurse and Medic




Catharine Mella Bethune, or Missy as she usually prefers, is a Midlander Hyur in her late twenties whose primary profession for the last ten years is acting as a self-taught nurse and contract medic for the Maelstrom in Limsa Lominsa. She has a small positive reputation amongst the lower end guards and Yellowjackets mostly for her hospitality and effective work. She has a bit of a renown in general due to her prosthetic arm and her peculiar personality.



Despite all of her efforts to conceal it with long sleeves, Missy visibly has a prosthetic left forearm made out of a mix of carved wood and leather with metal mechanisms attached to the remainder of her left arm. It is purely controlled by a small, flat lever on the inner side that basically controls making her hand close inwards to the maximum of a loose fist. Her hair is entirely silvered as if she was much older than she is, and has been since she was ten, due to a hereditary trait consistently passed down in her family. She more or less has a slightly hourglass figure, but it is not usually visible as result of the longcoats she tends to wear.



She uses very little healing magic, instead opting to use various medicines, bandages, light surgery, and the like out of personal preference. She has only generally treated people who walk in off the street and the guards in the city, but on occasion she has ended up treating a few higher ranking soldiers. She learned what she knows from a few old books and experience, but she’s basically been doing it her whole life. Most of the time she works in her clinic; also known as the main room of her somewhat small house.



For a very large majority of the time she stays in a calm and motherly attitude towards any of her patients regardless if they are older than her, continuing to treat them like children even after they are long out of her care. This includes (but is not limited to): fixing meals, bringing up embarrassing topics, terms of endearment, and general fussiness. Sometimes the kind side of her can vanish in dire situations, but the calm never vanishes. Her sympathy for almost anything borders on boundless, and she is in some ways, too caring. The situations and conversations that can emerge from this are sometimes too unique to be forgotten.



Catharine will usually just tell her life story to anyone that asks, but she does not generally bring up the subject on her own. Her brother, Cyril Bethune, is very important to her past and most that would need to be known about him is in here. To put it briefly:


- She was born on the western coast of Thanalan to Rianne and Arthur Bethune and for that time lived a semi-secluded life consistent mostly of fishing. When she was around the age of five, pirates using an earlier form of magitek, whose origins are still unknown to her, ended up capturing both of her parents for reasons she does not even know today. Cyril, her only sibling and older brother by five years, escaped with her, forcing them to leave to live with their aunt in Limsa Lominsa, Bridie.


- Cyril practiced a lot of tinkering and engineering and managed to get into the Knights of the Barracuda’s 1st division around the age of seventeen while Catharine spent a majority of her time reading medical books as well as attaining a general education with the help of her brother. Bridie ended up not being the greatest guardian in the world by leaving them to run off with a person she fell in love with, but she did at least leave the house to them under their names.


- Cyril and Catharine spent a lot of time fishing for enjoyment and nostalgia, but when she was around fifteen and a half, a deep sea fishing trip went horribly wrong and she ended up losing her left arm to an undocumented sea monster; (remember, fishing with nets can be more dangerous than with poles sometimes.) After the traumatic event, they stopped fishing and Cyril began working in his free time to make an arm for her that she could live with. He ends up making three of them over the years.


- Her brother eventually got work as an active engineer on lower class ship named the “Highbreeze” in the 5th division, and Catharine, personally took care of any wounds and scratches he suffered due to anything regardless of what it was. Eventually and to her dismay, he began to leave for prolonged periods of time on the Highbreeze. During the times he was gone, she had a brief romantic relationship that ended with the man leaving her for someone else. She also began to unofficially act as a physician for any Knights of the Barracuda that knew her brother and came by.


- Cyril’s silent determination eventually and unexpectedly brought him to be first mate upon the Highbreeze by the time he had turned twenty-four and Catharine nineteen. However, a year later, the ship went on a long term reconnaissance mission and the ship managed to vanish entirely shortly after sending out a distress signal. Catharine, who up until this point had never officially had much of a job other than helping her brother and keeping the house in shape, was forced to pick up some sort of job.


- She started completely freelancing as a nurse and physician, putting her only real experience aside from house chores and fishing to work. Her constant visits to the Barracuda headquarters in search of news about her brother eventually landed her with a contract to serve as a part-time nurse for them whenever they needed, likely out of the reputation she had amongst the lower guards and Cyril’s rank. The contract was maintained when the Maelstrom was formed, and she continued to aid any soldiers sent home from the war.


- Since then she has maintained her freelance nursing and contract medic work for approximately the last ten years. She has lived alone since, not hearing from her vagrant aunt but once during the time.




Other Quirks and Information:

  • She by reasons indelicate to explain, is incapable of having children; this is the main contributor to her personality and treatment of others. She does absolutely fawn over actual children too as result.
  • She used to faint at the sight of blood, but the reaction eventually left as she became more and more exposed to it over time. She sometimes still remarks it is hard to believe that she was ever afraid of it.
  • Her last name is actually of an Elezen family as result of some crazy things involving her great-grandparents. The actual Bethune family probably doesn’t even know about them, to be honest.
  • She still gets phantom pain in her missing forearm and sometimes she swears she can still move it. The arm she most commonly uses, the second one, is about twelve years old now. The third one is almost entirely metal and she barely uses it as it puts serious stress on her remaining tendons.
  • She has an innate fear of magitek, and will not even board a ship using it or consider using anything that functions on it.
  • She is rumored to be a pretty good shot with her right hand even though she was born left handed. Her handwriting is still not so great though.
  • Cyril was also silver haired, but it took him until twenty to go fully grey-headed from brown. She used to tease him about this. He also was not very muscular, resulting in a tendency to lose in any scuffles he had; his mind was always the strongest part of him.


RP Hooks:

  • If you were a part of the Knights of the Barracuda seventeen to ten years ago, you may have known her brother, Cyril: silver-haired like her (but later), quiet, determined, and usually skinny in comparison to other navymen, and quite intelligent. He would be thirty-five now. They bear quite a resemblance to each other, despite the age gap.
  • Cyril and her parent’s whereabouts are currently unknown as well as if they are alive or dead. This functions as further story possibilities.
  • If you were wounded at any point within the last ten years, she may have been the one to help you, Barracuda/Maelstrom members especially. If you were perhaps part of the 1st or 5th Brigade in the Barracuda up to seventeen years ago, she might have healed you as well.
  • Her arm is possibly of interest to any engineer or Mechanist, and if you are one, you might also have known Cyril before he vanished.
  • She tends to buy fish, fish oil, medicinal herbs, and on rare occasions potions from others (she usually makes her own, but time can be constrained enough for it), so if you deal in those, she might be one of your customers.






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4/13/17: The recent emergence of some pretty severe health issues have kept me away longer than I had originally planned, and I'm afraid to say that I will be absent for a few more days longer at the least. I'll be keeping the threads unlocked, but I'm unsure as to when I shall be able to return.[/align]



~Feel free to message me about anything at all, especially my characters, or if you need, just post below this. I will check back from time to time.~[/align]

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Hurrah! I have gotten my latest character up for all to see! Wikis are coming, eventually, but for now I have to hope this is sufficient. :P


I'm currently working on getting some drawings of them done, so I can feel good about putting up a wiki page for each of them. (Myrrh needs a little reworking anyhow.)

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